COE 301 Introduction to Computer Programming: The primary objective of this course is to learn basic computer programming concepts and apply them to engineering computations. By the end of the course, you should be able to think in a structured manner about solutions to engineering/mathematical problems using C++ and MATLAB. (Last taught: Fall, 2023).

ASE 389P.10/GEO 391 Fundamentals and Geophysical Applications of Imaging Radar Systems: Exploration of how radar images are formed and manipulated, as well as applications of the systems to problems such as measurement of the Earth crustal deformation. Focus on radar as a signal processing problem, radar image formation and radar interferometry. Subjects include system design, scattering from natural surfaces, range and azimuth processing algorithms, and processor design. (Last taught: Fall, 2023).

ASE 389/COE379L/GEO325K/GEO383D Computational Methods: The course covers the basics of vectors and matrices, solving linear equations, regression and classification, similarity measures, the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT), linear filters, and power spectrum estimates. We’ll discuss the mathematics, but the focus will be on applying matrix methods to practical applications such as tomography, image processing, data fitting, time series prediction, optimal control, finance, and machine learning. (Last taught: Fall, 2022).