The Advanced Robotic Technologies for Surgery (ARTS) Laboratory

Welcome to the ARTS Lab

In the ARTS Lab, we are developing high dexterity and situationally aware continuum manipulators, soft robots, and instruments especially designed for less/minimally invasive treatment of various medical applications. Utilizing these novel surgical instruments together with intelligent control algorithms and medical imaging systems, the ARTS Lab in collaboration with the UT Dell Medical School will work toward engineering the surgery (Surgineering) and partnering dexterous intelligent robots with surgeons. Our goal is to elevate the clinicians’ skills to further improve quality of the surgery and patient safety.


– October 2020: Congratulations to Yash Kulkarni for being selected as a recipient of the Undergraduate Research Fellowship”.

– September 2020: A Great collaboration between ClearCam Inc. and the ARTS Lab: Our journal paper entitled “Stop the Leak!  Mitigating Potential Exposure of Aerosolized COVID-19 During Laparoscopic Surgery was accepted in the Surgical Endoscopy journal.

– June 2020: ARTS Lab’s First Original Paper entitled “Toward Analytical Modeling and Evaluation of Curvature-Dependent Distributed Friction Force in Tendon-Driven Continuum Manipulators” was accepted in the IEEE IROS 2020 conference. [ video]

– May 2020: Our IEEE BioRob 2020 conference paper was accepted: “Toward Synergic Learning for Autonomous Manipulation of Deformable Tissues via Surgical Robots: An Approximate Q-Learning Approach”.

– March 2020: Congratulations to our undergrads Seong Hyo Ahn and Maxx Wilson for receiving the First Place in the Fifth Annual Texas Student Research Showdown at The University of Texas at Austin” presenting our research in the ARTS Lab. [ video]

– January 2020: Our ISMR 2020 Workshop Proposal on Sensing and Feedback in Dexterous Medical/Surgical Robotics” was accepted.                                         Organizers:  Iulian Iordachita (JHU), Farshid Alambeigi (UT Austin),  Yash Chitalia (Georgia Tech), Nancy Deaton (Georgia Tech)

– November 2019: Our ABME 2018 paper has been mentioned as the “top 10 papers published in ABME 2018 based on citations and downloads” in the recently published “ABME 2018 Year in Review” article!

– November 2019: Our da Vinci Surgical System was delivered to the ARTS Lab.

– October 2019: Our IEEE Transaction on Robotics (TRO) paper was accepted:“SCADE: Simultaneous Sensor Calibration and Deformation Estimation of FBG-Equipped Unmodeled Continuum Manipulators”.

  • – We are looking for students (both graduate and undergraduate levels with different backgrounds in the ME, ECE, and CS) who are interested in the design, fabrication, and modeling of flexible continuum robots and have C++/Python programming skills to work with the da Vinci Surgical System.