The Advanced Robotic Technologies for Surgery Lab

In the ARTS Lab, we are developing high dexterity and situationally aware continuum manipulatorssoft robots, and instruments especially designed for less/minimally invasive treatment of various medical applications. Utilizing these novel surgical instruments together with intelligent control algorithms and medical imaging systems, the ARTS Lab in collaboration with the UT Dell Medical School will work toward engineering the surgery (Surgineering) and partnering dexterous intelligent robots with surgeons. Our goal is to elevate the clinicians’ skills to further improve quality of the surgery and patient safety.


In the ARTS Lab we have two main research directions to provide both dexterity and autonomy for current surgical interventions:

Development of Minimally Invasive Surgical Robotic Systems utilizing Dexterous Continuum manipulators and Instruments: Design, modeling, fabrication, shape sensing, and control of various continuum/flexible robots to provide adequate dexterity and access to different target anatomy inside a patient.

Surgical Autonomy: Providing synergistic control between the surgeon and the robot to share their skills and abilities demanding intelligent algorithms, online learning and manipulation.