Fall / 2019, 2020
ME 340 Mechatronics

Theory and application of electrical circuits, electromechanics, and electronics
Concepts in electrical power transmission, instrumentation, and Feedback
​Integration of electronics and instrumentation with mechanical engineering systems (mechatronics).

Spring / 2020
ME 397 Algorithms for Sensor Based Robotics
This course focuses on using advanced mathematical concepts in linear algebra, stochastic processes, and optimization to develop applied algorithms for robotic systems utilizing various imaging systems (e.g., cameras, optical trackers, and X-rays) and sensors. These generic concepts will assist roboticists in all phases of kinematics/dynamics modeling (e.g. rotations and group theory, axis-angle and quaternion representations), preparation (e.g., calibration and registration concepts), motion planning, and execution (e.g., defining virtual fixtures, visual servoing, and optimization-based robot control). This robotics course also describes examples of such algorithms in various areas including, but not limited to, robotic surgery, mobile platforms, manipulation, and human-machine systems.

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