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Twitter Diplomacy: Ukraine and The End of Fancy Dinners

By Alejandro Hernandez In December 2021, when President Vladimir Putin was still threatening to invade Ukraine, the official Ukrainian Twitter account published a meme describing how being Russia’s neighbor can give you the worst type of headache. Two months later, when Putin invaded, the tweets and memes did not stop. The account continues to be […]

Immigration Policy National Texas

To Live and Die Along the Border

By Francisco Alvarado I. Preface This piece is an attempt to paint a panorama of the lives, deaths, and experiences I came across during a 5-day research trip to South Texas sponsored by the Robert Strauss Center’s Central America and Mexico Policy Initiative. The trip was ostensibly a simple exercise in data collection. In this […]

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Interview Prep Basics for Baddies

By Sarah Murphy During the pressure of the interview, you do not want to rely on winging your responses. You want to be perceived as prepared and cogent. Interview preparation also helps assure that you get across the message to a prospective employer: I’m a badass, you’d be remiss to not hire me.  Tell them […]

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Don’t Tell Your Conservative Parents, But LGBTQIA+ People Can Get Pregnant Too

By Shelby Frye 2021 saw more attacks on reproductive health than any year since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, most notably in the restrictive abortion bills from Texas and Ohio. Protests are sweeping across the country, and activists are organizing to protect reproductive rights. However, in a world dominated by binaries, LGBTQIA+ people […]

Civil Rights LGBTQ+ National Op-Ed

My Blood is Worth Less Than Your Blood

By Noah Jones When I began to accept my sexuality, I reached a point where I was comfortable with myself but not with how the world would treat me. I come from a background in the Southern Baptist Church. As a child, I was taught that there were people who did things the “proper” way […]

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Do Liberals Care Too Much?

By Connor McMann Congressional and gubernatorial races in 2022 represent the first big opportunity for American voters to pass judgment on the Biden administration and life under Democratic rule. With Democrats and Republicans preparing to do battle in an enormously consequential election cycle, undecided American voters in every constituency will be courted by a broad […]

Civil Rights LGBTQ+ National Op-Ed Texas

Protecting Who? The Human Toll of Anti-Transgender Legislation

By Geoffrey Carlisle (he/him) In the first two weeks of this year, 26 states introduced 75 pieces of legislation targeting transgender individuals. This legislation ranges from bans on transgender students participating in sports, to prohibitions, and even criminalization of seeking gender-affirming healthcare. Such bills represent an all-out assault on the rights and dignity of an […]

National Op-Ed Politics and Governance

The Shadow Docket: SCOTUS and the Court of Public Opinion

By Sabrina Page Abortion, guns, and religion. The U.S. Supreme Court has already heard cases on all three during its current argument session. With some of the country’s most controversial constitutional issues on the docket, it is paramount that the public trusts the Court to be independent in their decision-making. Without this trust, the Court […]

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Popping the Pill: Why Birth Control Should Be Available Over-the-Counter

By Shelby Frye In 2020, the birth control pill celebrated the 60th anniversary of its approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Six decades after this stamp of  approval, the pill remains one of the most popular contraceptive options in the United States. There are two types of birth control pills- the combined oral contraceptive […]

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Global Development is the key to Global Security

By Abdullah Dowaihy Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres started the general assembly debate by telling leaders that “the world must wake up,” because it is “on the edge of an abyss.” The Secretary General also warned world leaders are “moving in the wrong direction” given that human rights are backsliding, there is […]