Education Policy

Interview with Silviana Brunele: SESI, SENAI and Conexão Mundo

Silviana Brunele, the director of elementary and high school education at SESI and SENAI Linhares, speaks with us about the SESI and SENAI systems’ structure, the benefits of the Conexão Mundo (or World Connection) program, and how their mission fits into Brazil’s economic development goals. Listen to the interview (in both Portuguese and English) or […]

Global Policy Studies & International Security

A Fight for Health and Education: The Real Brazil Protests

On Monday Brazilians took to the streets for another night of protests against government corruption and poor services. São Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janiero have been sites of protests and some violent police reactions over the past week. Headlines in the United States have described the protests as a fight against a 10-cent increase […]

Health & Social Policy

Why Does a No Excuses Health Policy Lead to No Results in Brazil?

Brazilian poverty is a familiar subject to many of us. Images of the favelas or massive slums surrounding Brazil’s major cities have reached us one way or the other, whether through movies, newspapers or some other route. According to the World Development Indicators, the top 10% of Brazilians hold 43% of the income, while the […]

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