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Why APD Should Embrace City Council’s Resolution to Prevent Cannabis Testing and Prosecution

Texas opened the door to a host of problems around prosecuting possession of marijuana after legislation passed in the summer of 2019. Austin has its own response to how it think police should handle possession going forward, but not everyone agrees with the City Council’s progressive stance.

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For Families or Politics? Drug Testing for Welfare Access

In the policy arena, legislators should address the wellbeing of children and families. This is where supporters of these bills fail to employ good policy.


Did legal marijuana lead to a reduction in opioid deaths in Colorado? Evidence is hazy

Opioid overdose deaths have been increasing in Colorado, so why did a recent article in The American Journal of Public Health suggest that legalization of marijuana has slowed the trend? I imagine my Facebook newsfeed looks a lot like yours. Pictures of babies you’ll never meet, event pages for LBJ lunch talks, and the occasional […]

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Marijuana Drug Scheduling: Something We Need to Ask Ourselves

A Partnership Piece from The Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University How many readers have consumed marijuana before? How many readers have been actively harmed by someone under the influence of marijuana? It may surprise you to know that marijuana is currently listed under Schedule 1, the most dangerous category, and a class of drugs deemed […]