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Scientific Philanthropy: A Necessary Adoption for the Future

Photo: Robert Bassam (CC) Crook Fellow Amara Uyanna makes the case for bolstering philanthropy with scientific principles, backing up her argument with experiences gleaned during her time working with Sustainability International: I’ve always thought of philanthropy as an art: the art of giving. While I still believe there’s an artistic component to it, I am now of […]

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World Bank Report Misses Needed Substantive Analysis for Crowdfunding’s Potential in the Developing World

Recently (October, 2013), InfoDev, a program of the World Bank, commissioned a study on crowdfunding’s potential for the developing world. This is an important report because, to the best of my knowledge, it’s the first on crowdfunding as a tool for development commissioned by the World Bank or any entity of similar international authority. While this […]

Education Policy

Is This New Wave of Educational Philanthropy Really Helping Anything?

For as long as there has been a public education system, there have been wealthy families that have ignored it, opting instead for expensive private schools. But lately, wealthy Americans have stopped turning their noses up at public education and are doing something that is pretty remarkable: They’re investing in it. Microsoft founder Bill Gates […]