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Parsing the Dept. of State’s Security Clearance Process

Photo: (cc) Shashi Bellamkonda Social Media Swami Network Solutions Crook Fellow Michael Deegan is based this summer in the Office of the Coordinator of Assistance to Europe and Eurasia with the State Department in Washington D.C., and shares his experiences and advice on the State Dept.’s security clearance process: I couldn’t believe it. After all but giving up and starting a […]

Technology Policy

Cyber Sirens: Heed the Warnings Before it is too Late

Photo: Yuri Samoilov At 11:48pm on April 7, 2017, every tornado siren in Dallas went off at the same time.  The sky was clear, but the shrieks from 156 sirens wrenched residents from their slumber. As the sirens blared on for 95 minutes, terrified callers flooded 911 phone lines, leaving people experiencing real emergencies waiting […]

Education Policy

From Schoolhouse to Courthouse

  Disrupting class used to land kids in the principal’s office or detention.  In Texas, however, more and more children are facing criminal prosecution, criminal records and hefty fines for acting out in school. It is estimated that at least 275,000 non-traffic tickets are issued to kids in Texas each year.  The vast majority of […]

Politics and Governance

Fusion Centers: Effective Tool in Fighting Terrorism or Big Brother on Steroids?

  There is something watching you. It can access your bank records, your credit records, who you texted on your cell phone, whether or not you are vaccinated … all without your knowledge. It isn’t an identity thief searching through your garbage, it is a highly sophisticated federally funded data center called a Fusion Center. […]

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