Welcome to the BMIL!


The Biomedical Informatics Lab (BMIL) is a research group led by Prof. Mia K. Markey in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. The mission of the Biomedical Informatics Lab is to design decision support systems for clinical decision-making and scientific discovery. We seek opportunities to advance health-related quality of life and health equity.

The Biomedical Informatics Lab has extensive multi- and inter-disciplinary collaborations, especially through the Multidisciplinary Breast Reconstruction Research Program.

Core Values

Health: We perform data-driven research to improve the human condition.

Innovation: We create novel solutions by crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Growth: We strive for continuous learning and improvement in all areas of our lives.

Diversity: We develop individuals’ strengths and expand our impact through collaboration.

Joy: We bring enthusiasm to our research and enjoy our work together.

Family: We respect our needs for positive relationships with our families and friends.