Carolina Vigil Hernandez


Carolina is from Spain and attended University College London for her undergraduate studies. Currently a fourth year graduate student in the Humphrey group, synthesizing nanoalloys and metal oxide supports for catalytic applications. In her free time, she likes to read, dance, and play golf.

Alli Smith


Alli attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before moving to Texas for graduate school. She is currently a third year researching electrocatalysts for hydrogen fuel cell and overall water splitting applications in the Mullins group. In her free time, she likes to explore Austin, watch true crime tv, and play video games.

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Joseph “Livy” Franklin, M.S

Vice President

Adrian did his undergraduate studies at Central Michigan University. Prior to starting graduate school he spent some time working at the Dow Chemical Company. At UT Austin he is co-advised by the Page and Anslyn groups where he is exploring dynamic crosslinkers within polymeric materials. In his free time, he enjoys to read, play soccer, and learn martial arts.

Katie Zuercher


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Catherine Gazolla

Treasurer/Recruitment, Fundraising, & collaboration Comittee Chair

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Keldy Mason

Media and Communications Officer/Communications Comittee Chair

Keldy attended Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR before relocating to Austin, TX for his graduate studies. He currently researches polymer synthesis under the tutelage of Dr. Zachariah Page. Outside of the lab, he enjoys cycling, soccer, and tennis with his friends.

Nada Elessawy

Seminar Comittee Chair

Nada is a second year PhD student with a research focus on genome editing machinery, particularly CRISPR–cas proteins. She graduated from UT Austin with a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Rhetoric and Writing. Her hobbies include watching anime, horror movies, and making iced lattes.

Emmie Stumbo

Eventss Comittee Chair

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