EHS Contacts

Rudy GuerreroLaboratory Safety
Josh HartBiosafety
Dewayne HolcombRadiation and Laser Safety
Suzanne KilpatrickOccupational and General Safety
Carin PetersonTraining and Outreach

University of Texas Resources

Environmental Health and Safety512-471-3511
Worker's Compensation Insurance 800-687-4178
Occupational Health Program512-471-4647
Campus Police512-471-4441
Counseling and Mental Health Crisis Line512-471-3515
Hazardous Waste Disposal512-471-6918
Green LabsLink
Emergency Instructions for Labs

External Resources

Dow Lab Safety AcademyPDF training modules, educational videos, and hazard assessment tools
Gator Tracs (University of Florida)TRACS, from University of Florida, stands for Tool for Risk Assessment and Compliance & Safety
Safety Moments (University of Minnesota)Step-by-step procedures for a variety of hazardous techniques from the University of Minnesota
Caltech Chemical SafetySafety Data Sheets (SDSs) for chemicals, educational videos, and a chemical safety manual
ACS Chemical & Laboratory SafetyEducational resources, risk assessment tools, and videos about laboratory safety
Chemistry Joint Safety TeamChemical-specific information, safety moments for meetings, and (most important) memes about safety from Yale University
PubChemSearch engine for chemical hazards from the National Library of Medicine



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