Enhanced Photoresponse in Metasurface-Integrated Organic Photodetectors

We are excited to highlight Xin Xu’s Nanoletters publication titled “Enhanced Photoresponse in Metasurface-Integrated Organic Photodetectors“, where he was able to demonstrate the first experimental use of phase-gradient metasurfaces to achieve relatively broadband enhancement of the efficiency of organic photodiodes.

In this work, we experimentally demonstrate metasurface-enhanced photoresponse in organic photodetectors. We have designed and integrated a metasurface with broadband functionality into an organic photodetector, with the goal of significantly increasing the absorption of light and generated photocurrent from 560 up to 690 nm. We discuss how the metasurface can be integrated with the fabrication of an organic photodiode. Our results show large gains in responsivity from 1.5× to 2× between 560 and 690 nm.


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