FMS Alum

Where are our FMS Alum now?

FMS yearsGraduatedWhere are they now?
Azim AliAzim Ali2012-13 2015I am a graduate student at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities studying and researching synthetic inorganic chemistry with hetereobimetallic complexes for the purposes of N2 reduction with Professor Connie Lu.
Aubrey BleierAubrey Bleier2014 – 152017 I currently intern with the Rose Research Group as part of their outreach project H2fromH2O. I will graduate with a B.S. in chemistry along with my teaching certificate. After graduation, I plan on either entering the classroom or pursuing graduate work in education.
Clare BurnsClareBurns2013-14 2016 I will be pursuing a M.S. in Business Analytics with the goal of pursuing a career in the field of healthcare analytical consulting.
Chris Chan Chris Chan2009, 20122012Research Coordinator, Dermatology, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Lauren DuongLauren Duong2013-152015I am currently applying to medical school, and after my graduation in fall 2015, I plan to work in a clinic, continue to serve as a hospital volunteer, and seek out further experiences to help me in my goal to seek a medical career.
Halleh GhaemiHalleh Ghaemi2014-15 2015 Currently studying abroad in Granada, Spain and working towards my ultimate goal of becoming a Patent Prosecutor in the field of Biotechnology.
Robert GuajardoRobert Guajardo2012-14 2015 I am currently at MD Anderson School of Health Professions getting a B.S. in Clinical Cytogenetics, where I will graduate in August 2016.
Tyler King2013-142016Working in the Jones lab and will attend graduate school in Fall 2016.
Caroline KusmierzCaroline Kusmierz2011-12 2015Graduate student at Northwestern University working under Dr. Chad Mirkin.
Marci RolbieckiMarci Rolbiecki20122011 I am working towards a career as a zookeeper. I’m currently participating in internships to gain experience.
Desmond Schipper Desmond Schipper2010-122012 I’m a graduate student in chemistry at Rice.
Charles Smith Charles Smith2012 – 152015Now in medical school at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, class of 2019.
Margaret Tran Margaret Tran2013-142016 Plan to get a job in the business side of a chemical company.
Jessica Tran Jessica Tran2012 142015 I plan to travel Asia next semester and then will be going to medical school in the Fall of 2016.
Angela Yang
Alex Bard2013-20162016I am a graduate student at the Univ of Washington.
Joe Espinoza2014-20172017I am a med student at McGovern in Houston.
Emily Reynolds2013-20152015
Andrew Kalamarides2018-20212021Law school at UT
Reem Al-Sayyad2018-20212021Dental school
Nakshu Ghumar2018-20212021Post-bacc program
Martin Pham2018-20212021Masters program for anesthesiology
Gurdev Dayal2018-20212021Working in quality assurance at Merck
Brandon O'Neal2018-20212021Dental student at UTHealth
Austin Sekula2018-20212021Working as an ABA therapist
Areefa Rahman2018-20212021Chemical engineering PhD student at University of Michigan
Alexandria Garcia2018-20212021
Diego Granados2018-20212021PhD student at Princeton
Claire Sundjaja2018-20212021Medical school at UTHSCSA Long School of Medicine
Aditi Harikrishna2018-20212021

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