Global Humanities Institute Mission imposed over photo of the Javett Art Centre. Mission reads "Developing a Research Program for Inclusive Collaborative Work in the Environmental Humanities.

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For an overview of all the activities we have planned for the Global Humanities Institute, click on the link below for our preliminary schedule.

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A selection of panels at the Global Humanities Institute will be recorded. When videos become available, they will be posted to the link below.

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Programming at the Global Humanities Institute will be broadcast live. Non-participants can follow the action through the video channel below.

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The 2022 Institute will host scholars from a wide range of disciplines and at various stages in their careers. Get to know them below!

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’22 Institute

For a general overview of the 2022 Global Humanities Institute on “Climate Justice & Problems of Scale,” follow the link below.


To learn more about the organizations funding the 2022 Global Humanities Institute, visit the page that details our sponsors below.

Code of Conduct

All participants — virtual and in-person — are expected to comply with the CHCI anti-harrassment policy. Review these ethics below.

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Need help understanding how attending the Institute is going to work? Or how to even get there? Click below for a general overview of these processes!


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