Primary funding for the Institute was provided by the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI) and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The University of Texas Humanities Institute is administering the grant and organizing the program, while the Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship at the University of Pretoria is hosting the Institute and making local arrangements.

The project is an international collaboration among six CHCI members, including the Center for American Studies and Research (American University of Beirut), the Institute for Humanities Research (Arizona State University), the Humanities Center (Carnegie Mellon University), and the Sydney Environment Institute (University of Sydney) in addition to the University of Texas Humanities Institute and the Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship (University of Pretoria). Several scholars from each participating university collaborated in organizing the GHI’s activities.

We are grateful to the following scholars who were instrumental in planning the Institute: James A. Ogude, Melanie Murcott, Tafadzwa Mushonga, and Rory du Plessis (University of Pretoria); Heather Houser, Katherine Lieberknecht, and Adam Rabinowitz (University of Texas at Austin); Joni Adamson, Joan MacGregor, Ron Broglio, and Nicole Anderson (Arizona State University); David Schlosberg, Thom Van Dooren and Christine Winter (University of Sydney); Robert Myers and Najat Saliba (American University of Beirut); and David Shumway, Abigail Owen, and Noah Theriault (Carnegie Mellon University). Not all of these scholars are able to participate in the 2022 Global Humanities Institute, but they contributed in important ways to its conception.

Staff members at the University of Texas and the University of Pretoria are owed profound thanks for their hard work in organizing the Institute. Kirsty Nepomuceno made local arrangements at the University of Pretoria. At the University of Texas, Kathryn North managed the grant application and planning; Melissa Biggs organized travel and finances; KJ Schaeffner created and maintained the Institute web site; Brook Davis, Vanessa Lopez, Melinda Aleshire, and Lindsay McNutt assisted with grant and travel management; and Cheney Melton, Esha Ali, Andrew Beachum, Zeinab Alzuhairi, and the staff of Liberal Arts Central Business Services provided administrative assistance.

We are extremely grateful to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes for conceptualizing and funding a series of Global Humanities Institutes, and also for being flexible in the face of pandemic-related challenges. At CHCI, Sara Guyer (President), Guillaume Ratel (Executive Director), and Aaron Fai (Membership and Diversity Officer) were essential to the development of the Institute.

We are also grateful to the directors of the humanities centers and institutes at the six participating institutions for their support, as well as to twelve additional centers and institutes that helped us recruit early career scholars. These institutions include:

Heartfelt thanks to all of these supporters!

-Pauline Strong, principal investigator

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