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Book Launch: Transformative Environmental Constitutionalism

Melanie Murcott’s new book, Transformative Environmental Constitutionalism has hit the shelves! You can read more about the project and the launch event below, and you can also check out this IOL article on her work: “Social and Climate Justice is Everyone’s Business.”


“Given the Anthropocene’s converging socio-ecological crises, particularly the dire issue of climate change, social movements are increasingly approaching the courts to advance intersecting struggles for social, environmental, and climate justice. Transformative constitutional regimes in South Africa and elsewhere that incorporate environmental and human rights protections offer potentially powerful legal norms to advance the struggles of these movements. Grappling with such norms and with problematic trends in adjudication, Prof. Melanie Jean Murcott develops a legal theory of Transformative Environmental Constitutionalism as a novel framework within which courts could adjudicate environmental law disputes, developing law for the Anthropocene’s global struggles.” — via

Book Launch Discussion:


  • Melanie Murcott, Associate Professor of Environmental Law and Administrative Law at University of Pretoria
  • Lisa Chamberlain, Executive Director, Environmental Justice Fund South Africa

Event Type: Book Launch

Date: Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

Time: 5:30 pm

Location: Wanderer’s Club, Illovo, Johannesburg

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Melanie Murcott


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Melanie Murcott, LLD

Administrative Law | Environmental Law | Social, Environmental Climate & Inter-Species Justice

Associate Professor | Department of Public Law | University of Pretoria | South Africa

Melanie Murcott is an Associate Professor in the University of Pretoria’s Department of Public Law. Her research interests include how the law can law can advance social, environmental, climate, and inter-species justice as interconnected concerns and the potential of environmental law and administrative law to contribute towards South Africa’s project of transformative constitutionalism. Her recent publications include “What the ECtHR Could Learn from Courts in the Global South” in Verfassungsblog (2022) on Comparative Climate Litigation in North-South Perspective (with Dr Maria Antonia Tigre and Dr Nessa Zimmermann), “Innovative Regulation of Meat Consumption in South Africa: An Environmental Rights Perspective” (2021) Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal 24 1-47 (with Tokyo Ndlela), and “Litigation and regulatory governance in the age of the Anthropocene: the case of fracking in the Karoo” (2020) Transnational Legal Theory 11(1-2) 144 (with Dr Emily Webster). Dr. Murcott received a Doctor of Laws (LLD) from North-West University.