September 2023

Meli’s first author manuscript is now available on bioRxiv! Congratulations Meli!

August 2023

Mae’s first author manuscript is accepted in Bioengineering and Translational Medicine! Congratulations Mae!

July 2023

Mae presents her work on aerosolized mRNA lipid nanoparticles at Controlled Release Society annual conference! Great work!

February 2023

The lab volunteers with pharmacy Ph.D. students to teach gummy making for UT Girl Day! The gummies were so yummy!

January 2023

Arian and Brittany join the lab! We are so happy to have them!

April 2020

In collaboration with Dr. Manish Kumar’s lab at UT, our lab received notice of award from the NSF to develop functionalized surfaces that can help prevent coronavirus transmission. Thank you NSF for the award! Look forward to our collaborative efforts with the Kumar Lab.

Rashmi’s first author manuscript is accepted in Acta Biomaterialia. Congratulations!

Jasmim‘s paper in Journal of Controlled Release is online!

Steven is awarded the College’s B. Berard Matthews Fellowship for the next two years! Congratulations Steven!

March 2020

Congrats to Jasmim getting her first-author publication accepted in Journal of Controlled Release! Thank you to our collaborators at Dell Seton Healthcare the Center for Biomedical Research Support at UT and look forward to our collaborative efforts!

Congrats to Yajie (an honorary lab member!) getting her review paper accepted in AAPS PharmSciTech in collaboration with the lab!

February 2020

Congrats to Rashmi for being inducted and becoming a member of Rho Chi, the international honor society for pharmaceutical sciences!

January 2020

Xinquan’s work on albumin-drug conjugates is selected for an oral presentation at the PepTalk annual meeting in San Diego, California. Xinquan presents his fantastic findings at the meeting!

Jasmim officially starts her CFF postdoctoral fellowship! Yay!

December 2019

The lab received notice of a research grant from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to develop formulations to target and correct mutations present in CF. Thank you CFF for the award!

November 2019

Rashmi gives a selected oral presentation on her work on charge-driven nanoparticle transport in tumors at the American Institute of Chemical Engineer’s annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. Congrats Rashmi!

Xinquan stays busy and presents his work from the lab and his internship at Celgene at the annual American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas!

Rashmi is awarded a UT Dissertation Writing Fellowship–congrats on the well deserved honor!

October 2019

Rashmi’s paper entitled “Identification of peptide coatings that enhance diffusive transport of nanoparticles through the tumor microenvironment” is published in Nanoscale! Congratulations Rashmi!

Jasmim presents her awarded fellowship proposal at the annual North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Nashville, Tennessee! Congratulations Jasmim!

Rana gives a seminar in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at The University of Houston. Thank you for the invitation and opportunity to share our work!

September 2019

Jasmim defends her Ph.D. thesis entitled “Mucus-penetrating peptides as surface coatings for pulmonary delivery”. Congrats Dr. Leal on a fantastic thesis!

Rashmi‘s manuscript is accepted in Nanoscale! Congrats on the nice work!

Xinquan receives a Professional Development Award from UT. Congrats!

Rashmi and Meli attend the 17th International Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Symposium (nanoDDS) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

August 2019

Xinquan receives the prestigious Graduate Continuing Fellowship from UT for his achievements. Congrats Xinquan!

Xinquan‘s paper entitled “Intracellular nanoparticle delivery by oncogenic KRAS-mediated macropinocytosis” is published in International Journal of Nanomedicine. Congrats on the great work Xinquan!

July 2019

Sophie defends her Ph.D. thesis! Congratulations Dr. Peng, and we wish you the best at your job at Abbvie!

Rana was selected as the Transdermal and Mucosal Delivery Focus Group Young Investigator of the Controlled Release Society (CRS)  for the lab’s work on mucus-penetrating peptides and gave an invited talk at the CRS Annual Meeting in Valencia, Spain. Thank you CRS for the honor and a wonderful meeting!

June 2019

Rashmi was selected to give a talk at the Gordon Research Seminar on Cancer Nanotechnology on her work for nanoparticle penetrating transport within solid tumor microenvironments. Excited about the enthusiasm and excellent feedback from fantastic colleagues!

Rashmi and Rana present at the Gordon Research Conference on Cancer Nanotechnology at West Dover, Vermont.

Rashmi is awarded a Green Fund grant award from UT for her “Saving Money and Saving Plastics” project! Congrats and thanks for trying to make the world (and lab) a less plastic place!

May 2019

Hannah graduates from UT and will attend medical school in the Fall. Thank you and we will miss you!

Jasmim is awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) to develop novel non-viral delivery systems to improve gene editing for treatment of CF. Congratulations Jasmim on the fellowship!

Jasmim starts her internship at AstraZeneca. Good luck Jasmim!

Rana presents the lab’s work at the Keystone Symposia on “Delivering Therapeutics Across Biological Barriers” in Dublin, Ireland.

April 2019

Steven presents work from his PharmD Honor’s thesis at the College of Pharmacy Research Excellence Day. Way to go!

Rana gives a talk on the lab’s efforts at the Department of Pharmaceutics at the University of Minnesota. It was wonderful to meet the faculty and students!

Rana presents the lab’s work for brain-penetrating peptides at the joint AAPS-International Brain Barriers Society workshop on “Novel Approaches Targeting Brain Barriers for Effective Delivery of Therapeutics” at Dulles, Virginia.

The lab shares their work with the PharmD students for their Introduction to Research class. Enjoy sharing our efforts with the future pharmacists from UT!

March 2019

Rana gives an invited talk entitled “Engineering peptides that penetrate the biological barriers of diseases for drug delivery” at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research in Mohali, India. Thank you to Dr. Sanyog Jain and the student AAPS chapter for hosting!

The lab does their “Making Gummies as Medicines” as part of the College of Pharmacy’s activities at ExploreUT. Thanks to the PharmD students for all their help!

February 2019

Jasmim gave a selected talk and served as a discussion leader at the Gordon Research Seminar on Cilia, Mucus, and Mucociliary Interactions in Barga, Italy. Congrats on presenting a fantastic meeting!

The lab and the student chapter of AAPS organized and did the “Make Your Own Gummy: Gummies as Materials and Medicines” activity as part of Girl Day at UT, an event for K-8 students to explore engineering, science, math, and technology activities throughout the university! We had a lot of fun!

January 2019

Rana presents “Evolving the Physicochemical Properties of Virus Capsids for Penetrating Transport through Extracellular Barriers” at the Gordon Research Conference on Physical Virology in Ventura, California.

November 2018

Rashmi, Xinquan, Jasmim, and Sophie present their research at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) annual meeting at Washington D.C. Hook ’em!

Rana gives an invited talk entitled “CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing: the how, why and when” at the AAPS meeting.

October 2018

Rana presented at the Topics in Bioengineering seminar at Harvard. Had a wonderful time meeting faculty and students–thank you for the invitation!

September 2018

Xinquan receives a Professional Development Award from UT. Congrats Xinquan!

August 2018

Rana gives a talk at IIT-Delhi. Thank you to Dr. Ganguly and Dr. Mishra for hosting me!

Rashmi and Rana presented their (and the lab’s work) at the Gordon Research Conference on Drug Carriers in Medicine and Biology. It was a fantastic meeting with stimulating talks and posters!


July 2018

Congrats to Meli for passing her boards! She is officially a licensed pharmacist!

Thanks to Jasmim and Rashmi for their “acting skills” in our JoVE video! Thank you to the ICMB Core Facility to film on location (at the qPCR machines)!

June 2018

Our paper “Quantitative qPCR of T7 bacteriophages from biopanning” has been accepted into Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE). Congratulations to Sophie, Jasmim, Meli, and Rashmi!

Congrats and good luck to Sophie at her internship at Merck!

Congrats and good luck to Xinquan at his internship at Celgene!

May 2018

Commencement! Congratulations to Emily, Meli, and Amber for receiving their Pharm.D. degrees with Honors! The hard work paid off!


Congratulations to Rashmi on successfully passing her qualifying exams! She is officially a Ph.D. candidate!

April 2018

Rana gives a talk at Brown University to the Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology and Biotechnology (MPPB). Thank you to the MPPB faculty, students, and staff for a great time and being a wonderful audience!

SophieJasmim, Rashmi, and Xinquan present their research to the College at the 14th Annual Louis C. Littlefield Celebrating Pharmacy Research Excellence Day. Great to share our findings with the College!

Congratulations to Meli for being awarded the Provost Supplement Fellowship!

March 2018

The lab is awarded a Faculty Innovation Grant from the Faculty Innovation Center at UT to develop first-person perspective videos for PharmD courses. Thank you to the FIC for the grant!

Rana gives an invited talk at the NHLBI/CFF Joint Workshop on Gene Editing. Big thank you to Dr. John Sheridan, Dr. Marie Egan, and Dr. Justin Hanes for organizing the workshop and giving us the opportunity to talk about virus-inspired delivery systems for gene editing.

February 2018

Ghosh lab organizes and participates at UT Girl Day STEM festival with their activity “Making Gummies: Gummies as Materials and Medicines!” It was a lot of fun and thank you to everyone who attended!

Congratulations to Jasmim as the College’s recipient of the University Graduate School Continuing Fellowship!

Yajie’s paper “Manufacturing and ambient stability of shelf freeze dried bacteriophage powder formulations” is accepted in International Journal of Pharmaceutics! Yay!

Our manuscript “Quantification of M13 and T7 bacteriophages by TaqMan and SYBR Green qPCR” is published in Journal of Virological Methods. Congrats Sophie and Alex!

Rana attends NIH NANO study section in Bethesda, MD.

January 2018

The lab’s review “Peptides as drug delivery vehicles across biological barriers” is published in Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation. Congratulations to Sophie, Jasmim, and Rashmi for their hard work!

The lab is featured on the front page of the PhRMA Foundation website! Thanks to PhRMA for their support of our research activities!

December 2017

Sophie and Alex’s manuscript is accepted in Journal of Virological Methods!

November 2017

The lab attends AAPS National Meeting in San Diego, CA. Rana co-moderates a session on “Challenges and Opportunities for Gene Editing and Delivery”. SophieJasmim, and Xinquan present their findings to fellow pharmaceutical scientists!

October 2017

Hannah receives the Undergraduate Research Fellowship from UT for her work with albumin drug carriers. Congratulations to Hannah for the great work!

September 2017

The Ghosh lab, in collaboration with the Smyth lab, was awarded a $1.5 million NIH R01 grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institutes (NHLBI) to develop virus-inspired nanoparticles for mucus penetrating gene delivery. Congrats to everyone for the great work and BIG thank you the NIH/NHLBI!!!

The lab attends NanoDDS at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. Thank you to Drs. James Moon, Anna Schwendeman and Steve Schwendeman for organizing this wonderful conference!

SophieJasmim, and Xinquan present their work at NanoDDS!

Jasmim’s manuscript “Physicochemical properties of mucus and their impact on transmucosal drug delivery” is accepted in International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Congratulations Jasmim!

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