Bonnie Stribling

Youth Peer Support and Punitive Justice and Community Health Panelist

Bonnie Stribling, certified Peer Recovery Peer Supervisor, currently works at Natural State Recovery Centers in Little Rock, Arkansas.

She became certified as a mental health paraprofessional and Peer Recovery Support Specialist for a progressive recovery community where she was among the first to write Medicaid billable services at Birch Tree Communities Inc.

Bonnie became a Trainer Of Trainers of the Arkansas Model of Peer Recovery Support and among the first certified Peer Recovery Peer Supervisor where she assisted in writing the supervisor training model. She has also been involved in the development of the Arkansas Peer Advisory Committee (APAC) and the Arkansas Peers Achieving Recovery Together (A.P.A.R.T.) Coalition.

She became the first Peer Specialist for the Department of Youth Services at the Department of Human Services where she worked with people under the age of 21 in treatment where she provided services across the state in a variety levels of care.

She is currently enrolled in a concurrent program with the Masters of Public Service program at the University of Arkansas Clinton School and the Masters of Social Work program at the University of Arkansas -Little Rock. This summer she begins a virtual special worker position with Faces and Voices of Recovery specializing in Advocacy and Outreach.