Felicia Mason-Edwards

Family Partner Family Peer Support Panelists

Felicia is a Therapist, Speaker/Facilitator, Certified Family Partner and Mother. Now she serves as the Family Peer Services Coordinator for Peer and Recovery Services Programs, Planning and Policy.

She has worked in social services for 30 years. Most recently, Ms. Mason-Edwards served at the Department of Family and Protective Services as the Division Administrator for Faith-based programs. Prior to that, she was the Family Partner program specialist with Children’s Mental Health team in BHS from 2013 to 2016.

She has presented throughout the country on how state organizations and the faith and community-based organizations must partner together to ensure children’s and families’ success. She has provided consultation both nationally and internationally. Her goal is to help our system learn how to work smarter, not harder and to partner better for the sake of children and families.

The things she loves most in life are spending time with her family and fishing.

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