Survey of Employee Engagement

The SEE is available in several versions:

The Survey of Employee Engagement (SEE) is an engagement tool that focuses on fully utilizing an organization’s human resources to build viable institutions. The SEE assists organizational leadership by providing information about work force issues that impact the quality of service ultimately delivered to all customers. The data provides information not only about employees’ perceptions of the effectiveness of their own organization, but also about employees’ satisfaction with their employer. Understanding issues such as the perceived comparability of the pay and employment benefit package is vital to attracting and retaining a competitive workforce.

We have experience in surveying hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of employees since 1979. The SEE is a leadership tool used to build organizational effectiveness through a cost effective assessment of human resources. The survey process enhances employee performance by actively engaging the workforce in a continuous process of organizational improvement. The use of employee feedback to surface relative strengths or areas of concern is a well-established technique to promote organizational development and is a necessary element in strategic planning.

See how the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department used surveys to engage employees and improve the organization.

Here is a sample SEE Summary.

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