The IOE provides expert services and valued benchmark resources in the areas of organizational climate and human resource assessment; evaluation of customer service needs and customer satisfaction data collection; leadership tools and evaluations; and customized survey research tailored to meet your individual needs.

Please see each product page for additional information and the specific survey tools we offer:


Survey of Employee Engagement The Survey of Employee Engagement (SEE) is an employee assessment tool used to measure employee perceptions of the total work environment.
IOE’s Customer Engagement tools and resources assist organizational leadership in collecting customer service data.
The IOE provides a 360- Degree Leadership assessment that focuses on clarifying the areas of strength and areas of growth from direct reports, peers, and supervisors.
The IOE can work with your organization on developing, administering, analyzing and reporting a custom project.
The Index of Volunteer Engagement (IVE) is a research-based tool that assesses an organization's capacity to effectively engage in the community.
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