Cancer Genomics SPRINT 2023

A Special Episode that informs about the Cancer Genomics Sprint hosted by Kowalski-Muegge Lab

This special episode highlights the first-ever science SPRINT for Cancer Genomics on the Dell Medical School campus. The purpose of this ‘sprint’ is to educate undergraduates on molecular-targeted therapies for treatment of cancer by challenging them in 6 hours to define a treatment trajectory for a case using molecular profiling results and what they will learn in real-time about the disease, biomarkers, and public resources.

This incredible opportunity is presented by Dr. Jeanne Kowalski-Muegge and her team that comprises the Kowalski-Muegge Lab in the Livestrong Cancer Institutes. Jeanne is a Professor of Oncology, the Associate Director of Cancer Clinical Genomics, and Co-Program Leader of Quantitative Oncology at Dell Medical School.

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