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Peers for Pride: Attend our Final Performance and Apply!

Peers for Pride Linktree

Using theatre-for-dialogue, Peers for Pride is creating space to ask: What do thriving queer communities look like? in a two-semester long course that culminates in a community-building Final Performance. This year, the 17th Cohort of PFP invites you to a performance where characters will tell their stories in monologues based in  LGBTQIA+ experiences and engages audiences in meaningful dialogue about how to support them.

Peers for Pride’s final performance will be Thursday, April 11 at 4PM-6PM at WCP 1.106, so don’t miss out! We will have light refreshments.

Apply now! Be a part of a year-long cohort that takes consists of two courses—one in each of the Fall and Spring semesters.  The Fall semester is spent learning about history, content, and theory about intersectional LGBTQIA+ topics including experiences of oppression, and the second semester consists of applied theater-for-dialogue techniques to host performances that invite audiences into conversations about supporting a world where queer people thrive!

LAH Legal Internships Info Sessions

All interested students are invited to the upcoming info sessions for LAH 340L | Legal Internships # 29955 with Instructor Mark Levy. This experiential learning course is open to any COLA upper-class student (non-Plan II majors) with a 3.5 GPA or higher.

Course Description:

Explore the role of lawyers and how the practice of law has shaped American society. Intern in law offices or legal settings. Gain practical experience and first-hand knowledge of different legal fields. Internships help shape classroom discussions. Examine the practice of law and how lawyers serve the public interest and larger society The equivalent of three lecture hours a week for one semester with an addition 9-10 internship hours a week for one semester.

Info Sessions:

Mon: April 1 at 1-2pm (in-person in the LAH Commons Room)

Tues: April 2 at 12-1pm (over Zoom)

Wed: April 3 at 12-1pm (over Zoom)

Interested in learning more? Attend via the Zoom link here.

Middle Eastern Studies Summer Language Institutes

Hebrew Summer Institute

Earn 12 hours of Hebrew language credit from UT Austin (UT Extension) during UT’s summer session. Reach intermediate level Hebrew in just 10 weeks, no language background required!

  • When: June 6 – August 19
  • Location: Online (synchronous)
  • Cost: $3,000
  • Application Deadline: April 19, 2024
  • Program Coordinator: Tyus Welter

Arabic Summer Institute

Earn 10-12 hours of Arabic language credit (Beginner – Advanced) from UT Austin (UT Extension) during UT’s summer session.

  • When: June 6 – August 19
  • Location: On-Campus
  • Cost: $4,750
  • Application Deadline: April 15, 2024
  • Program Coordinator: Julia Nelson

UTNY Summer 2023 Application Deadline & Upcoming Info. Sessions

Hope your fall semester is off to a good start…We are currently recruiting for the Summer 2023 UTNY program, and I’m hoping you can help share some information with your undergraduate students.

The deadline to submit an application for participation during the Summer 2023 semester is on October 1, 2022.

In conjunction, we are holding a few in-person info. sessions/panels this week for any student (or advisor) who would like to learn more about the UTNY program. To learn more (and RSVP to attend), visit here.

As a reminder, UTNY is open to ALL UT majors. If possible, please consider sharing the informational snippet below and/or the attached .jpeg with your students—via email, newsletter, social media, blog, etc..

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about UTNY, be sure to check out our website, and don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.


JEFFREY MARSH, M.A. | Assistant Director for UTLA & UTNY Recruitment and Admissions

Moody College of Communication | The University of Texas at Austin


Interested in spending next summer living and working in NYC? The UT in New York (UTNY) program will be holding a few upcoming information sessions for students interested in participating during the Summer 2023 semester and beyond.

General Information Session

Wednesday, September 7, 5:00PM central, DMC 1.202

Internships & Careers in NYC: UTNY Student Alumni Panel

Thursday, September 8, 5:00PM central, DMC 5.102

These sessions will be general in nature and intended for anyone with questions about the program, online application, costs, internships, classes, etc. To RSVP, go here. Walk-ins also welcome. As a reminder, UTNY is open to ALL UT majors.

The deadline to APPLY online for UTNY Summer 2023 is October 1, 2022.

For more information about UTNY, visit here.


Develop Your Leadership Skills!


Texas Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) is happy to announce that we are starting our Pathways to Leadership series starting next week, and you can REGISTER TODAY! Are you interested in developing your skills as a leader? Do you want to step into leadership roles will more confidence and competence? Then the Pathways to Leadership program is perfect for you! We offer five separate areas of specialization, allowing you to focus on the precise aspect of leadership that you want to improve. Take a look at the options below:

  • Strength Based Leadership (Every Tuesday at 11:00am):

Use the Clifton StrenthsQuest Assessment to identify your personal leadership strengths, and create strategies on how to best utilize them. This is the perfect series for students who are eager to identify the individual qualities that will make them great leaders!

  • Inclusive Leadership (Every Tuesday at 3:30pm):

The best leaders make sure that everyone has a seat at the table. This series will help students recognize common leadership challenges, while ensuring that Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are at the forefront of the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Building Leadership Confidence (Every Wednesday at 11:00am):

Confidence doesn’t always come naturally to everyone, but we can all make a strategy to help us feel confident as we step into leadership roles. This series focuses on developing a practical toolkit to help build our own confidence, while simultaneously building the confidence of those around us!

  • Impactful Team Leadership (Every Wednesday at 3:30pm):

How do we motivate our teams? How do we navigate conflict? These are some of the biggest questions that face new leaders. This series investigates these questions, focusing on the big-impact strategies we can use to ensure we are becoming impactful leaders, with impactful teams.

  • Everyday Leadership (Every Thursday at 3:30pm):

Sometimes it’s the small subtle actions leaders take that end up being the most impactful. This series allows students to investigate these small actions and create big strategies to overcome leadership challenges. Using the 4 P Process, students will learn about the small, but important, moments of leadership.

Pathways to Leadership is a 3-week program, meeting for 50 minutes a week. Take the next step on your leadership journey with Texas LEAD. Improve your skills, build your confidence, and create new strategies. Register now by follow THIS LINK!

See you there!

MARC PEREIRA (he/him) Assistant Director, Texas Leadership Education and Development

The University of Texas at Austin | Texas Leadership Education and Development in the Office of the Dean of Students

(512)232-2866 |

Digital Humanities Certificate Intro classes

Applications are now being accepted for the undergraduate Digital Humanities Certificate:

Two introductory classes will be offered in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 that count towards the first requirement of the credential.


Fall 2022:

GSD 351D – Identities / Patterns / Code: Digital Approaches to Culture

“What if I could read patterns out of hundreds of texts, and gain new perspectives, create new knowledge about them using digital tools?” This course explores how to read identities as statistical patterns in literary texts, linguistic, cultural and historical corpora with digital methods, and how we can come to a deeper understanding of individual texts and textual phenomena. This course introduces digital research methods, tools and use cases. Students will work hands-on with literary, linguistic, cultural and historical sources – without requiring any previous programming knowledge.

We will start the course with an overview to concepts of “identity”, “patterns” and “models” in literature, culture, and humanities research. Our discussion will show how digital methods and tools transform the way literary, linguistic and culture studies research conceptualize identity, culture, as well as textual phenomena since the 20th century as data patterns and models. This course will consider digital research methods from the perspective of concepts of “identity” and “identities” as intersectional compounds of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, culture, religion, social and historical background, variation of physical and mental abilities, etc. – Quantitative-reasoning based digital methods and digital models offer the opportunity to analyse these components as more general patterns at scale, while preserving the complexity of their interconnection. At the same time, digital technology and digital research methods deserve our critical attention as well: do these methods contribute to equality, equity, or may their application introduce biases?
FLAGS: Global Cultures, Quantitative Reasoning


Spring 2023:

RHE 314: Computer Programming in the Humanities

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer programming and provides practice in humanities-based exploratory programming. Working through readings, discussions, exercises, and course projects, students will gain familiarity with programming concepts, practice in computational processes, and consider the wider cultural effects of programming. Designed for Liberal Arts majors with no programming experience, the course aims to introduce computational processes through exercises in programming (Python) by providing an online/asynchronous learning opportunity. In addition to the hands-on exercises, students will read selected texts and participate in discussions that will help orient the Liberal Arts major towards understanding computation as a humanistic, rhetorical, creative, and cultural practice.


Please send questions to

Peers for Pride 22-23 Applications and Final Performance

Join Peers for Pride

Apply here

Peers for Pride (PfP) is a peer facilitation program of the Gender and Sexuality Center. Students will take two courses during the academic year in partnership with the Center for Women’s Gender Studies.

Learn about queer histories and create queer futures!
Facilitate workshops around allyship with the GSC!
Make new friends & work toward creating thriving LGBTQIA+ communities at UT.

Who Can Apply?
The program and course are open to UT undergraduate and graduate students from all majors and disciplines. Courses will count for a total of six hours of upper-division credit in Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS), Social Work (SW), or Theatre and Dance (TD). Additionally, students will receive credit for Cultural Diversity in the United States, and Ethics course flag requirements.

No experience in theatre and/or performance is required to apply and participate in the program. After students have completed the program, they are eligible to be invited for a paid opportunity to facilitate any Peers for Pride requested workshop for the campus and/or local Austin community!
Students of the Peers for Pride Program are required to take one class in the fall semester and one in the spring semester in their respective order.

  • Fall Semester: Confronting LGBTQIA+ Oppression: Exploring the Issues and Learning the Skills to Communicate Them 
    • Part I of the Peers for Pride Program
    • Course Code: WGS335, TD357, or SW360K
    • Course Description: Learn basic facilitation skills while taking an in-depth look at some issues facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals.
  • Spring Semester: Facilitating Dialogues on LGBTQIA+ Oppression: Peers for Pride in Action 
    • Part II of the Peers for Pride Program
    • Course Code: WGS 335-2, T D 357T, or SW 360K
    • Course Description: Students will continue in the program to become peer facilitators and have the opportunity to fine-tune their facilitation skills and lead workshops across campus. Students must complete the prerequisite course Confronting LGBTQIA+ Oppression: Exploring the Issues and Learning the Skills to Communicate Them to be able to enroll in this course.


Additionally, our students have been working diligently for the past year in the Peers for Pride course to curate a final performance taking place on Thursday, April 28th from 2pm-3:30pm at the San Jacinto Amphitheater. You can attend to show support for our students who are promoting messages through theatre around allyship, inclusive LGBTQIA+ communities, intersectionality, and experiences of being queer and trans on a college campus!

Summer 2022 RTF courses for all majors


Critical analysis of media and its interrelation with issues of gender.

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.



Special topics related to the critical analysis of media in cultural contexts. Survey of the representation and participation of Latinas and Latinos in U.S. English-language film and television from the silent film era to the present. Also focuses on issues Latina/os face as media producers, media consumers, and media activists.

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing.



Special topics in digital media theory, design, or development. May include visual effects and motion graphics or digital media and digital art. Topic description: Explore sequential art through skills-building projects and examination of caricature, layout, time-based media, and contemporary forms of entertainment.

Prerequisite: Open to all majors and classifications



Special topics in digital media theory, design, or development. May include visual effects and motion graphics or digital media and digital art. Topic description: Examine and create the components of a video game through skill-building projects.

Prerequisite: Open to all majors and classifications

UTLA & UTNY Spring 2023 Application Deadline & Upcoming Info. Sessions

The Semester in Los Angeles (UTLA) and UT in New York (UTNY) programs will be holding multiple information sessions in the month of April for students interested in participating in either program during the Spring 2023 semester and beyond.

The deadline to apply for the Spring 2023 semester (for both programs) is on May 1, 2022.

General Information Sessions:

April 6, Noon central, Zoom

April 13, 5:00PM central, Zoom




General Information Sessions:

April 6, 4:00PM central, Zoom

April 14, Noon central, Texas Career Engagement

April 19, 4:00PM central, Zoom



Both programs are open to all UT majors. These information sessions will be general in nature and intended for anyone with questions about the program, online application, costs, internships, classes, etc.

For more information about UTLA (including a link to apply), visit here.

For more information about UTNY (including a link to apply), visit here.

Arabic Summer Institute 2022 – Deadline Approaching

The Arabic Flagship Program and the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at The University of Texas at Austin are proud to offer the Arabic Summer Institute (ASI), providing an intensive language and culture program for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students of Arabic.

With the largest full-time Arabic faculty in the country, more courses at all levels of Arabic, and thriving events and cultural environment, UT’s Department of Middle Eastern Studies is now rated among the best in the country. Set in friendly Austin, our program and our University are committed to continually expanding our curriculum to help students meet their academic goals. The Arabic Summer Institute illustrates our continued commitment to excellence.


Apply Here

Program Dates

  • June 2, 2022 through August 12, 2022
  • Application Final Deadline: April 15, 2022

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Arabic Summer Institute Staff

Norah Elamir
Program Officer and Outreach Coordinator

Olla Al-Shalchi, ASI Director: