Major Facilities in the Lab

  • GC-MS (with headspace capability)
  • Pyrolysis-GCxGC-MS
  • HPLC-PDA-Fluoresence-Fraction Collector
  • HPLC-UV-Fluoresence-Post Column Derivatization
  • Microscope FTIR
  • Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer

Other Facilities

  • Freeze-dryer
  • Rotavap
  • Centrifuge
  • Peptide hydrolyzer

Analytical Services Available

While we prefer the form of collaboration, we do offer these analytical services on environmental samples in different matrices:

  1. Amino acids including free and combined forms;
  2. Hydrocarbon analysis (n-alkanes, hopanes, and PAHs);
  3. Pigments including Chls and carotenoids;
  4. Microplastic analysis in environmental samples

For analytical details and cost, please contact Dr. Zhanfei Liu (zhanfei.liu@utexas.edu)