Recent representative works from my lab:

Douglas, S., Xue, J., Hardison, A., Liu, Z.  2023. Phytoplankton community response to a drought-to-wet climate transition in a subtropical estuary. Limnology & Oceanography 68, S187-S201.

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Jiang X., Lu K., Tunnell J.W., Liu Z. 2021. The impacts of weathering on concentration and bioaccessibility of organic pollutants associated with plastic pellets (nurdles) in coastal environments. Marine Pollution Bulletin 170, 112592..

Liu, Z., Xue, J. 2020. The lability and source of suspended particles in the northern Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. (

Wang, Q., Leonce, B., Seeley, M.E., Adegboyega, N.F., Lu, K., Hockaday, W.C., Liu, Z. 2020. Elucidating the formation pathway of photo-generated asphaltenes from light Louisiana sweet crude oil after exposure to natural sunlight in the Gulf of Mexico. Organic Geochemistry. (