About Us

Longhorn Powerlifting is the official powerlifting team for the University of Texas at Austin. We are a competitive sports club sponsored by the Division of Recreational Sports at UT and compete at the collegiate level.

As a club sport, Longhorn Powerlifting is student managed and led. This means that we must raise the money necessary for equipment & traveling expenses. Please feel free to donate to the team here and we will make sure to thank you.

Powerlifting Overview 

Powerlifting consists of three lifts: squat, bench press, and deadlift. In competition, you make three attempts in each lift, and your highest attempts are added together to create a combined total. Ranking in a meet is based upon this combined total.

There are 2 divisions: Equipped or Raw. Equipped lifting consists of using a singly-ply squat suit, bench shirt, and deadlift suit during competition. Knee wraps are also allowed along with wrists wraps. Raw lifting consists of only a singlet and wrist wraps.

What We Do

Longhorn Powerlifters compete in two to four meets a year throughout Texas and the U.S. We go to the National Collegiate Meet each spring and compete against other powerlifters from schools across the nation.

Each November, we host the Longhorn Open, a powerlifting meet open to anyone from the Youth (at least 8 years old) to Masters divisions (40+ years) that is registered within the appropriate federation. Aside from the national meet, the Longhorn Open is one of the biggest meets in the country. Revenue from hosting this meet and funding from RecSports allow us to pay for all team travel expenses.

Training Times (Members Only)

Gameday Barbell

Monday and Wednesday: 7-11 PM

Friday: 1-5 PM

Makeup Practice @ The Closet

Saturday 9 AM-12 PM

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