Below are several examples of my dedication to scientific rigor.

Dr. Marinelli receives the CNS Teaching Excellence Award

Dr. Marinelli has been awarded the Teaching Excellence Award in the College of Natural Sciences, for her course “Analytical Skepticism”, which promotes critical thinking and scientific rigor. This award seeks to promote and recognize outstanding teaching in the college by honoring faculty members who have had a positive influence on the educational experience of our students. 

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Micky presents her course “Analytical skepticism” at the 2022 CSI conference

Dr. Marinelli had the privilege of being one of the speakers giving a talk at the CSICon (Committee for Skeptical Inquiry) Sunday Morning Papers sessions in Las Vegas, which included a a beautiful tribute to James Randi and a great discussion with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Richard Dawkins.

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All six of the Morning Papers sessions can be seen on YouTube here

Read Dr. Marinelli Q&A about “Misinformation, the Brain and Tricks for Analyzing Data Accurately”

Read Dr. Marinelli’s Q&A about “Misinformation, the Brain and Tricks for Analyzing Data Accurately”. This Q&A is related to Dr. Marinelli’s “UT Brainstorms” talk which was part of the Texas Science Festival.

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Watch Dr. Marinelli talk about “the fooled brain”, for UT Brainstorms

Watch Dr. Marinelli’s talk about “The Fooled Brain: A Conversation on How We Are Easily Misled When Processing Information and Making Decisions”. This talk was a part of the “UT Brainstorms: a conversation on the brain” (all talks are available on the UT brainstorms channel) as well as the The Texas Science Festival).

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Dr. Michela Marinelli Receives the 2020 “Texas Ten” Award

Each year, alumni of the University of Texas at Austin nominate the professors they felt were the most inspiring to them. From these nominations, Alcalde magazine chooses the top ten professors they believe left the biggest impact with their students and honors them with the title of the Texas Ten. This year, Dr. Michela Marinelli was chosen as one of the selected few of inspiring professors for her course and impact teaching “Analytical Skepticism”.

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