Texas Men’s Volleyball Constitution


To maintain and support the highest level of volleyball at the University of Texas while encouraging competition, comradery, and growth both on and off the court. We will represent The University of Texas with great pride and respect for each other as well as our competition.

Membership Requirements & Attendance

Members will be decided by holding tryouts, and about 15 members per team will be selected. Every member is required to maintain a positive attitude, coachable mindset, and hold teammates accountable. In addition, every member must pay dues, attend volunteer events, and attend all practices. Practices are mandatory with the exception of exams or emergencies. Missed practices should be communicated with the team and coaches. Making up the missed practice time is highly recommended.


The Fall semester is $300. The Spring semester is $400 (if did not participate in the Fall), or $350 (if member participated in the Fall). Dues are to be paid within the first two weeks from the final try-out date. If paying at one time is an issue, then a payment plan must be set up with the treasurer. Dues cover the payment of coaches, hotel expenses, team dinners, equipment, flight to nationals, and apparel.

Officer Positions

Positions should be voted in by members of the club. In case of lack of leadership, should be appointed by existing officers.


  • Provide leadership and direction to club
  • Adheres to The University of Texas Sports Club Guidelines
  • Presides at meetings with officers
  • Coordinates club activities through officers
  • Establishes the goals of the club – short and long term
  • Has overall financial responsibility
  • Approves all club communication
  • Maintains constant contact with alumni, coaches, and other club teams
  • Ensures the annual club report/financial report is completed and prepared before the deadline
  • In charge of delegating responsibilities to officers

Vice President

  • Presides at officer meetings in absence of president
  • Coordinates meetings with president and officer
  • Reminds president of the agenda
  • Aids and ensures officers complete tasks on time
  • Provide mentorship to new officers


  • Oversees club finances, collects dues and other payments and follows financial practices
  • Fills out the budget financial sheet
  • Prepares presentation for the budget meeting

Social Chair

  • Oversees Facebook page and communication with interested members
  • Aids Webmaster


  • Updates and ensures club website is up and running
  • Ensures club website consists of necessary club information


We are fortunate as a club to have coaches that improve our athletic abilities. Any blatant disrespect toward coaches will result in the cut of said player and not be tolerated. If there are any issues with the coaches, it needs to be brought to the attention of the officers to be handled in the best manner.


All practices are held in the Rec Sports Center (2001 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78705) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 pm to 10 pm unless mentioned otherwise. All practices are mandatory unless there is a valid excuse or emergency.

Performance & Competition

Texas Men’s Volleyball attempts to participate in a minimum of three tournaments per semester. One of these three is a tournament hosted by our club in order to raise funds. In the Spring, more competitive tournaments are held, and as a club, we attend more tournaments. The ranking tournaments that occur in the Spring consist of SIVA South/North, SIVA Crossover, SIVA Champs. The final and most important tournament is NCVF Nationals where competition is dependent on the previously listed ranking tournaments. Playtime at competitions is not guaranteed.

Community Service

As an official sports club of the University of Texas, we are required to participate in one volunteer event per semester. Volunteer events do not include November Canned Food Drive, and IMG Football Game Handouts.

Constitution Changes

Any changes to the Constitution must be approved by the majority of officers.