Invited Talks

Plenary and Keynote

  1. Deji Akinwande, “2D Materials for Flexible & Wearable Electronics and Applications”, 2nd SYMPOSIUM OF 2D NANOMATERIALS (virtual), Argentina, Nov. 2020.
  2. Deji Akinwande, “2D Materials: from Atomic Science to Micro Applications”, SmartMat/Wiley Virtual Seminar Lecture to about 50,000 virtual attendees. October 2020.
  3. Deji Akinwande, “Adventures with 2D Materials: from Atom to Nano to Micro Applications”, icanX Virtual Seminar Lecture to over 300,000 virtual attendees. July 2020.
  4. Deji Akinwande, “2D Materials: Science & Nanotechnology,” Keynote, Promoting Applied Sciences in Pakistan Conference, July 2020.
  5. Deji Akinwande, “Graphene and 2D Materials: Science and Nanotechnology,” Plenary, US-Pakistan Bilateral Workshop, Islamabad, Jan. 2020.
  6. Deji Akinwande, “Towards Nanotechnology,” Plenary, Nanotech Stakeholder Meeting, University of Lagos, May 2019.
  7. Deji Akinwande, “Atomristors: The Discovery of Universal Memory Effect in Monolayer TMDs and h-BN,” Graphene Week 2018, San Sebastian, Spain, Sept. 2018.
  8. Deji Akinwande, “Graphene Electronic Tattoo,” UNN Nano Conference, Nsukka, Nigeria, July 2018.
  9. Deji Akinwande, “Flexible and Wearable 2D Bio-electronics,” ISFM Conference, Chandigarh, April 2018.
  10. Deji Akinwande, “Flexible and Wearable 2D Electronics,” International Thin-film Conference (ITC), Guangzhou, China, Mar 2018.
  11. Deji Akinwande, “Graphene/2D Research: From Lab to Commercialization,” National Graphene Association Annual Convention, Nashville, Oct 2017.
  12. Deji Akinwande, “2D Flexible & Emerging Devices and Applications,” SPIE Plenary, San Diego, Aug 2017.
  13. Deji Akinwande, “Si and Graphene/2D  Nanotechnology,” Keynote Talk, SPIE, San Diego, Aug 2017.
  14. Deji Akinwande, “From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Quantum 2D Materials and Device Physics,” SAIP Plenary, Stellenbosch, South Africa, July 2017.
  15. Deji Akinwande, “Graphene Wearable Sensors (E-Tattos),” Plenary Talk, GrapChina Conference, Qingdao, Sept. 2016.
  16. Deji Akinwande, “Carbon Low-tech & Nano-technology: Past, Present, and Future,” Plenary Talk, Nsukka Nano Conference, University of Nigeria, July 2016.
  17. D. Akinwande, “Phosphorene and Silicene: From Ordinary to Extraordinary,” Informal Phosphorene Symposium, Michigan, August 2015. Keynote talk.
  18. D. Akinwande, “2D Flexible Nanomaterials & Nanoscience for Defense technology,” Plenary, nanoMonterrey Conference,, Mexico, Nov. 2012.

Invited and Distinguished Lectures (>140)

  1. Deji Akinwande, “Discovery and Understanding of Single Atom Memory Effect in 2D Atomic Sheets”, IEEE SISC (virtual), Dec. 2020.
  2. Deji Akinwande, “2D materials: From Atoms to Applications”, Long-range Colloquium, Virtual Science Forum, (virtual), Dec. 2020.
  3. Deji Akinwande, “Atomic Memory: From Single Defects to RF Switches and Computing”, EE Seminar (virtual), Yale University, Dec. 2020.
  4. Deji Akinwande, “Atomic Memory Devices Based on 2D Materials: Science and Applications”, virtual IEEE mini-colloquium, Bangladesh, Nov. 2020.
  5. Deji Akinwande, “Atomic Memory and Computing Applications”, MRS Spring/Fall Symposium (virtual), Nov. 2020.
  6. Hasibul Alam, Deji Akinwande, “Solid Electrolytic Substrates for High Performance 2D TMD Transistors and Circuits”, MRS Spring/Fall Symposium (virtual), Nov. 2020.
  7. Deji Akinwande, “Atomistic Understanding of Memory Effect in Monolayer Memristors and Emerging Applications”, MRS Spring/Fall Symposium (virtual), Nov. 2020.
  8. Deji Akinwande, “Memory Switches Based on 2D Materials for RF/5G Systems”, ENGE Conference (hybrid), Korea, Nov 2020.
  9. Deji Akinwande, “Atomristors: 2D Non-volatile Memory Devices and RF/5G Switches,” IEEE EDS Webinar, June 2020.
  10. Deji Akinwande, “Adventures with Atomic Materials: from Single Atom Memory to Macroscale Wearable Electronics,” UC-Berkeley Colloquium, March 2020.
  11. Deji Akinwande, “(2D) Materials for Memory & Related Applications,” Low-dimensional Materials for Electronic Devices Conference, Shenzhen, Dec. 2019.
  12. Deji Akinwande, “2D Materials & Electronics Research,” Sandia Virtual Presentation, Dec. 2019.
  13. Deji Akinwande, “2D Memory—An Application of Defects in Monolayers,” MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, Dec. 2019.
  14. Deji Akinwande, “2D Electronic Devices: Past, Present, and Future,” Nature 2D Materials Conference, Xi’an, Nov. 2019.
  15. Deji Akinwande, “Wearable Tattoo Sensors based on Graphene Materials,” UT-Portugal Masterclass on Wearables, Braga, Portugal, Sept. 2019.
  16. Deji Akinwande, “Adventures with 2D Materials for unconventional applications,” Carbonhagen Conference, Copenhagen, Aug 2019.
  17. Deji Akinwande, “Adventures with 2D Materials: From Devices to Tattoos and Beyond,” RMIT Seminar, Melbourne, Aug 2019.
  18. Deji Akinwande, “Adventures with 2D Materials: From Devices to Tattoos and Beyond,” SNU Seminar, Seoul, July 2019.
  19. Deji Akinwande, “Resistance switching in atomic monolayers,” Samsung SAIT Seminar, Seoul, 2019.
  20. Deji Akinwande, ” Unconventional devices from atomic materials: from memory to electronic tattoos,” Nano Korea, July 2019.
  21. Deji Akinwande, “Atomic Nanomaterials: Flexible Electronics, Sensors, and Tattoos,” Ford Webex Seminar, June 2019.
  22. Deji Akinwande, “2D Nanomaterials for Advanced Devices, Sensors and Flexible Circuits,” Cirrus Logic Seminar, June 2019.
  23. Deji Akinwande, “Flexible Electronics & Nanotechnology,” IEEE WETCAS, Kumasi, Ghana, May 2019.
  24. Rujing Ge, Myungsoo Kim, Xiaohan Wu, Saban Hus Jack Lee, and Deji Akinwande, “Recent Progress on 2D Monolayer Memory Devices,” MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix, April 2019.
  25. Deji Akinwande, “Graphene Electronic Tattoos,” Global Nanotechnology Congress, Dubai, April 2019.
  26. Deji Akinwande, “Graphene Electronic Tattoos,” New York University – Abu Dhabi, UAE, April 2019.
  27. Deji Akinwande, “2D Flexible Electronics and Graphene Electronic Tattoo,” TMS Conference, March 2019.
  28. Deji Akinwande, “Adventures with 2D Materials: From Devices to Tattoos and Beyond,” Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland, March 2019.
  29. Deji Akinwande, “Emerging and Non-conventional 2D Materials, Devices & Applications,” Tufts University, Feb. 2019.
  30. Deji Akinwande, “Atomristors—2D Non-Volatile Memory and Switches,” 2D Winter School, Weizmann Institute, Jan. 2019.
  31. Deji Akinwande, “Atomristors: The Discovery of Universal Memory Effect in Monolayer TMDs and h-BN,” MRS Fall Meeting, Nov. 2018.
  32. Deji Akinwande, “Adventures with 2D Materials: From Transistors to Memory and Tattoos and Beyond,” Purdue University, Oct. 2018.
  33. Deji Akinwande, “Graphene Electronic Tattoos,” Covenant University, Nigeria, Oct. 2018.
  34. Deji Akinwande, “Towards mm-wave nanoelectronics & RF switches using MoS2 2D Semiconductor,” IEEE IMS Symposium, June 2018.
  35. Deji Akinwande, “Adventures with 2D Materials: From Devices to Tattoos and Beyond,” Technical University Munich, Munich, May 2018.
  36. Deji Akinwande, “Graphene Tattoo Sensors,” Energy, Materials and Nanotechnology (EMN) Summit, Chengdu, May 2018.
  37. Deji Akinwande, “Adventures with 2D Materials: From Transistors, Atomristors, Tattoos and Beyond,” UESTC Seminar, Chengdu, May 2018.
  38. Deji Akinwande, “Adventures with 2D Materials: Non-conventional Devices & Applications,” UNIST, Ulsan, South Korea, April 2018.
  39. Deji Akinwande, “2D Materials for Advanced Si Technology,” tsmc webinar, March 2018.
  40. Deji Akinwande, “Atomristor: Non-Volatile Memory Effect in 2D Atomic Sheets,” APS March meeting, March 2018.
  41. Deji Akinwande, “Emerging and Non-conventional 2D Materials, Devices & Applications,” UC-Irvine Colloquium, Irvine, Feb 2018.
  42. Deji Akinwande, “Emerging and Non-conventional 2D Materials, Devices & Applications,” UT-San Antonio Colloquium, San Antonio, Feb 2018.
  43. Deji Akinwande, “Si and Graphene/2D Heterogeneous Nanotechnology,” IEEE Distinguished Lecture, SJSU, Mysore, India, Jan 2018.
  44. Deji Akinwande, “Emerging and Non-conventional 2D Materials, Devices & Applications,” IISc Colloquium, Bangalore, India, Jan 2108.
  45. Deji Akinwande, “Graphene/2D Integration: Progress, challenges and Applications,” NSF US-EU 2D Workshop, Arlington, VA, Oct 2017.
  46. Deji Akinwande, “Flexible and Wearable 2D Electronics,” IEEE Mini-Colloquium Distinguished Lecturer, MD, Oct 2017.
  47. Deji Akinwande, “2D Wearable & Emerging Devices and Applications,” Colloquium, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Oct 2017.
  48. Deji Akinwande, “2D Emerging Devices: Wearables and Memory,” Flatlands, EPFL, Lausanne, August 2017.
  49. Deji Akinwande, “Quantized Topological Materials for Efficient and Connected Systems,” Inaugural DoD STiX event, VA, Aug 2017.
  50. Deji Akinwande, “2D Emerging Devices,” 2D ORNL Workshop, Oak Ridge, July 2017.
  51. Deji Akinwande, “Emerging 2D Ideas: From Mobile Health to H-M Interfaces to THz Switches,” ARL 2D Exchange Meeting, MD, July 2017.
  52. Deji Akinwande, “New Devices and Physics Based on 2D Materials,” Frontiers in Quantum Materials and Devices (FQMD), San Sebastian, Spain, July 2017.
  53. Deji Akinwande, “From Ordinary to Extraordinary (Highlights): 2D Materials, Devices and Systems,” China CAS SIMIT Seminar, Shanghia, June 2017.
  54. Deji Akinwande, “2D Monolayer (Atomic) Non-Volatile Memory/Switches,” China RRAM, Soochow, June 2017.
  55. Deji Akinwande, “2D Nanoelectronics: From Graphene to Silicene and Beyond ,” Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop, VLSI Symposium, Kyoto, June 2017.
  56. Deji Akinwande, “Progress in Flexible 2D Nanoelectronics,” ECS Meeting, May 2017.
  57. Deji Akinwande, “Flexible 2D Devices, Circuits and Systems,” ARL 2D Meeting, May 2017.
  58. Deji Akinwande, “Recent Highlights of 2D Devices and Emerging Non-transistor Devices,” UNM 2D Workshop, May 2017.
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