Introduction to Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Device Physics, EE396V

Over the past decade, there has been an intense interest in all things made of carbon particularly applications employing carbon nanotubes and graphene. This graduate course will introduce the science and technology of carbon nanomaterials and their electronic, optical, and sensor properties. The course will begin with a basic review of quantum mechanics and elementary theory of solids, and progress to contemporary topics including carbon synthesis, sensor devices, interconnects, transistors, and analog and digital circuit applications of carbon nanomaterials.

The textbook on carbon device physics by Wong and Akinwande is used in this course.

Analog Integrated Circuits, EE382M

In this graduate course, we study the design and implementation of analog integrated circuits (ICs). Our focus is on the transistor-level design of circuits using modern semiconductor fabrication processes, particularly CMOS. The blocks and circuit architectures discussed in this course are the core components of most integrated systems and essential in applications such as communications, multimedia, imaging, sensors, and biomedical. The course will begin by providing a device-oriented overview of integrated circuits and silicon fabrication processes and their ramifications on the transistor models. Subsequently, we will discuss various amplifier topologies in ICs using these devices, and also examine in detail topics such as frequency response, biasing, feedback, operational amplifiers, compensation, and noise. Circuit design will be taught using the gm/Id method.

The textbook by Grey and Meyer is used throughout the course.

Microelectronic Circuits, EE438

Electronic devices in analog and digital circuits. Device physics and modeling; two-port networks; analysis and design biasing circuits and amplifiers; frequency response; Bode plots. Laboratory work covers generation and acquisition of test signals; current, voltage, and impedance measurements; transfer function measurement; and spectrum measurements and analysis.

This is an undergraduate course and uses the Microelectronics textbook by Razavi.