Endowment (NPPE)

The Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Endowment (NPPE) was created in July 2008 by a gift of $133,200 from the Nuclear Control Institute (NCI) to the University of Texas at Austin to establish a permanent endowment to help combat the spread of nuclear weapons. As of April 2011, it is housed at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. The endowment supports the NPPP by providing funds for research and education to reduce the risks of nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism, and especially to ensure that civilian applications of nuclear technology do not foster the spread of nuclear weapons to states or terrorist groups.

NCI also donated its core paper archives, a unique collection that documents the Institute’s quarter-century of global nuclear nonproliferation activities, now housed at UT-Austin’s Briscoe Center for American History. In addition, the endowment maintains NCI’s award-winning website, www.nci.org , as an electronic archive, offering instant access to essential historical documents.

Upon the transfer of its endowment, archives and website to the university, NCI closed its doors, after serving for 27 years as the leading non-governmental organization dedicated to reducing proliferation risks of civilian nuclear commerce. The decision by NCI’s board of directors was spurred by the death, in 2007, of NCI’s founding president, Paul Leventhal, a former senior staffer in the U.S. Senate and former journalist.

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