PA388K: Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy

This course introduces students to the policy and technical aspects of international and domestic efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons to terrorists or additional countries.  Students learn about connections between peaceful uses of nuclear technology – for energy and research – and nuclear weapons proliferation.  Students also gain valuable experience in public speaking and teamwork on group projects.  They learn about the interaction between international law, domestic law, state interests, commercial interests, norms, and advocacy by nongovernmental organizations.  Each student also participates, as part of a small team, in two in-class debates on contentious issues of nuclear nonproliferation.  Students complete a final project, typically as part of a team.

Examples of past student projects from this course:

Space Reactors and Non-Proliferation – Website – July 2020

Nuclear Terrorism – Video – May 2013

Field trip to UT-Austin’s nuclear reactor – Dec 2023: