The Nine Best Theatre and Dance Costume Designs of All Time

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of the top nine works of costume design and technology according to faculty members Susan Mickey (Costume Design) and James Glavan (Costume Technology).

1) TOP PICK: Difficulty of Crossing a Field (2010)
Libretto by Mac Wellman
Composed by David Lang
Directed by Luke Leonard
Costume Design by Alison Heryer
Photo by J. Elissa Marshall

2) Susan Mickey’s Pick: Twelfth Night (2016)
Susan_TwelfthNight_1516By William Shakespeare
Directed by Robynn Rodriguez
Costume Design by Andie Day
Photos by Lawrence Peart

3) James Glavan’s Pick: Elephant’s Graveyard (2007)
Jim_Elephants_0708Written by George Brant
Directed by Laura Kepley
Costume Design by Jan McCauley
Photo by Mark Rutkowski

4) Susan Mickey’s Pick: Marat/Sade (2007)
Susan_MaratSade_0607Written by Peter Weiss
Directed by Kent De Spain
Costume Design by Candida K. Nichols

5) James Glavan’s Pick: Pride and Prejudice (2009)
Jim_PrideandPrejd_0910Written by Jane Austen
Original Adaptation by James Maxwell, revised by Alan Stanford
Directed by Gavin Cameron-Webb
Costume Design by Ariana Schwartz
Photo by J Elissa Marshall

6) Susan Mickey’s Pick: The Idiot (2009)
Susan_TheIdiot_0809Based on the novel by Fydor Dostoevsky
Adapted and Directed by Scott Kanoff
Costume Design by Alison Heryer
Photo by Amitava Sarka

7) James Glavan’s Pick: La Bohème (Butler Opera Center)
Costume Design by Hope Bennett
Draper, Emily Robertson

8) Susan Mickey’s Pick: Adventures in Motion (Dance Repertory Theatre, 2009); Br’er Wood
Susan_Briarwood_0809Artistic Directors David Justin and Yacov Sharir
Choreographed by David Justin
Costume Design by Ariana Schwartz
Photo by Amitava Sarkar

9) James Glavan’s Pick: Studio Project (TD 388L – Mask Making)
Jim_KrampusCostume Design by Susan MacCorkle