Meet the Cast: The Women of _______ (a song not song)

Meet the cast of The Women of _______ (a song not song), a production inspired by Euripides’ The Women of Troy, a tragedy in which the Trojan women mourn their fates after their husbands are killed and Troy burns. Written by I-Chia Chiu, kt shorb and the ensemble, the play invites the audience to join a group of nameless ghosts on a multilingual journey through poems and tales, to restore dead memories, to trace linguistic and cultural annihilation and to speak for the silenced voices in history. As a partially-devised work collecting the voices of historically marginalized people, the play explores trauma, political wars and our personal battles against ourselves.

The Women of _______ (a song not song) features a talented cast of Texas Theatre and Dance students, including Brisa Shaw (Cassandra 1), Jessica Peña Torres (Cassandra 2), Cat Palacios (Cassandra 3), Elizabeth George (Cassandra 4), Vivian Gonzales (Cassandra 5), Anapaula Guajardo (Cassandra 6), Natalia de Maar (Cassandra 7), Jane Elise Palacios (Cassandra 8), Guinevere Govea (Footnote) and Andrew G. Rodriguez (Euripides).

The production’s creative team includes I-Chiu Chiu (Playwright), Delena Bradley (Costume Designer), Iman Corbani (Scenic Designer), Kaiwen Fa (Integrated Media Designer), Samantha Gashette (Draper), Margaret Jumonville (Associate Director), Vanessa J. Lopez (Draper), Adam Miller-Batteau (Fight Director), Jessica Peña Torres (Movement Director and Associate Dramaturg), Malyssa Quiles (Sound Designer), Aly Redland (Stage Manager), Alexis Riley (Dramaturg), Austin Shirley (Lighting Designer), Jess Shoemaker (Intimacy Choreographer), kt shorb (Director) and David Tolin (Technical Director).

The Women of _______ (a song not song)
February 13-17, 2019
Oscar G. Brockett Theatre