Juicing – Health Revolution or This Month’s Trend?

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Vandana Dubakula

You may consider grabbing a cold pressed juice as a healthy substitute for soda. Given that there seems to be a juice shop on nearly every corner,  you decide it’s time to hop on the juice trend. But there are a few things you should be aware of prior to taking that first sip.

Juice seems like an easy and efficient way to get all the vitamins and minerals present in fruits. However, these components are overshadowed by the large amount of sugar in juices. In fact, juices contain as much sugar and calories as sugary soft drinks. Juicing eliminates an important component that is present in whole fruits: fiber. Fiber slows down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Eating whole fruits moderates the amount of sugar that is being absorbed into your body at one time.

Experts even say that juicing can be unhealthy because of how easy it is to consume large amounts of sugar in a short period of time. Whole fruits take time to chew and swallow, and the fibrous elements make you feel full after eating. However, in juice you are consuming the equivalent of many fruits in one short sitting and you often don’t feel fulfilled after consuming the drink. Moreover, the way liquid sugar is processed in body is different from the way food is processed. When you consume large amount of sugars quickly, the liver cannot process the sugar quickly causing your body to store the unprocessed sugar as fat. So if you’re trying to lose weight, juicing may not be the best option for you.

Along with this, the metabolization of liquid sugars doesn’t lead you to have the same hunger satisfaction as when you eat food. With juice and even with smoothies that do retain the fiber element present in whole fruits, you add extra sugar into your diet but don’t compensate the calories by cutting down on other food. In reality, you gain more calories without significant nutritional benefits.

Verdict: should I juice or not?

Given the negative consequences of consuming copious amounts of juice, it would be healthier for you to just eat the fruits whole. However, if you do not enjoy eating fruits, and are able to monitor the amount of calories you are gaining from fruit juice, then drinking juice can still provide you with the vitamins and other nutrients that fruits contain. Juices are better than fast food and can be a good addition to everyday diet, provided they are consumed in moderation.




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