High Throughput Screening
ATP/ROS assays (384-well plate)

VIAFLO 384 Hand-held Electronic Channel Pipette

VIAFLO ASSIST Automating Multichannel Pipette

Tecan Spark Microplate Reader











High Content NMR/MS based screening
Targeted metabolomics (96-well plate)

NMR- and MS-based metabolic studies
Untargeted metabolic profiling

Metabolic fluxes analysis
13C and 15N labeled nutrients

UPLC-MS/MS Thermo Scientific Q Exactive

Thermo ISQ-LT Single Quadrupole GC-MS with TriPlus RSH Autosampler

TriVersa NanoMate
Nanoelectrospray Ionization Technology


Bruker 700, 600 and 500 equipped with 5mm CPTCI Cryoprobes and 1.7 mm TCI MicroCryoProbe (Biomolecular NMR Core UTHSCSA)