Hume Bipedal Robot


  1. 6 DOF SEA actuators
  2. Torque sensing for all DOFs
  3. Ethercat realtime communications
  4. Realtime RTAI kernel running on Ubuntu
  5. Phase space locomotion planner
  6. Whole-body controller

Dreamer Mobile Humanoid Robot

Upper Body

    1. 7 DOF compliant arm with Series Elastic Actuation
    2. 3 DOF torque controlled torso
    3. 5 DOF compliant hand driven by tendon actuators
    4. Trikey compliant holonomic mobile platform
    5. Ethercat realtime communications
    6. Realtime RTAI kernel
    7. ControlIt! whole-body controller

Trikey Mobile Base

Mobile base

  1. Holonomic platform
  2. Torque sensing on all wheels
  3. Ethercat realtime communications
  4. Untethered

Meka-UT Austin Dreamer Head


  1. 4 DOF position controlled neck
  2. 3 DOF eyes capable of fast Saccade movement
  3. Stereo cameras on eyes
  4. Ears rotate and flex to express social gestures
  5. Ears, change color: pink, blue, white, and green
  6. Ethercat realtime communication bus

UT-SEA Actuator


  1. Compact Series Elastic Actuator
  2. High Power and High Efficiency
  3. Used for studies on compliant locomotion and rehabilitatio devices