The Biomedical Engineering Society

What is BMES?

The Biomedical Engineering Society, or BMES, is both a professional and social organization for students interested in biomedical engineering. The organization strives to promote camaraderie and coherence among members of the biomedical engineering community, increase awareness of the growing field of BME, and open doors of opportunity to our members.
Membership is open to all students, faculty, and staff of the University of Texas at Austin regardless of their area of study.

Why Join?

Knowledge: Members learn more about resources for the MCAT, classes, résumé building, research, and internships.
Leadership: BMES has several leadership opportunities for both new and old members, including freshmen. Chair positions are appointed in the Fall, and representatives are selected to represent the organization in the Student Engineering Council.
Networking: BMES offers networking opportunities with faculty, industry, alumni, and peers.
Community: BMES allows incoming students as well as current students to meet and interact in a non-academic setting. Our members work hard every day and deserve to have some fun.

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