Case Competition

The annual BMES Case Competition is a fantastic opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to solve a real world concern. For the past three years, teams of students from different backgrounds have combined their knowledge to create an innovative solution to a current problem plaguing the field of biomedical engineering. The solution not only must focus on the technical aspects, but must also address the financial, political/legal, and social impacts. We host this not only to expose students to recent developments in biomedical engineering, but also to encourage students to come up with innovative solutions and develop critical thinking skills. Furthermore, we hope that the competition will spur greater interest in biomedical engineering.

This competition is open to all undergraduate students at UT Austin.

Applications for the committee will open in the fall.

Past Cases
Fall 2014 Case
Spring 2014 Case
Fall 2015 Case
Fall 2016 Case
Fall 2017 Case