Other Writing

– Race for the Senate 2018: Key issues in Texas, Brookings Institution, November 1, 2018

– Texans Deserve Debates, Not Politicians Who Take Voters for Granted, August 2018 (with Charlie Bonner) A version of this op-ed appeared in the Dallas Morning News, Waco Tribune HeraldAbilene Reporter NewsAustin American Statesman and the Houston Chronicle.

– Forum on The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin and the Rise of Scott Walker and Anxious Politics, Political Psychology, 2017 (with Katherine Cramer and Shana Gadarian)

– Emotion and Foreign Policy in the Trump Age. International Security Studies Forum, 2017 (with Shana Gadarian)

– Anxiety Over Terrorism Advantages Hillary Clinton, Political Communication, 2016 (with Shana Gadarian)

– How Terrorism Could Affect the 2016 Election, Society. 2016 (with Shana Gadarian)

– Electoral Politics Should Be a Young Person’s Game, November 2016 (with G. Elliott Morris) A version of this op-ed appeared in the Philadelphia InquirerDallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, Fort Worth Star TelegramMcAllen MonitorAustin American Statesman and the Waco Tribune Herald.

 – “Emotions and Political Decision Making” The SAGE Encyclopedia of Political Behavior, 2016 (with Shana Gadarian)

–  Q&A: How anxiety drives voter choices and election campaign strategy, CBC NewsOctober 2016 (with Shana Gadarian)

– Addressing fear must be part of Democrats’ game plan, Austin-American Statesman, July 2016 (with Shana Gadarian)

– Politicians should connect grief to policies, New York TimesAugust 2016

– ‘Operation Keep My Job’, Chronicle of Higher EducationMarch 2016

– Will anxiety about terrorism affect the 2016 election? Clinton has the advantage for now, The Monkey Cage, March 2016 (with Shana Gadarian and Joshua Busby)

– What UT students think of campus carry, Dallas Morning News, December 2015

– Persuading Americans to act on climate change, The Monkey CageApril 2015 (with Joshua Busby)

– Ebola, Anxiety, and Support for Protective Policies, PSJanuary 2015 (with Shana Gadarian)

– Ebola will make Americans more likely to give up civil liberties, The Monkey Cage, October 2014 (with Shana Gadarian)

– Was the Facebook Experiment Unethical, The Monkey Cage, July 2014 (with Shana Gadarian)

– She Works (As?) Hard for the Money, Texas Monthly, April 2014

– Polling Center: Texan First, American Second, Texas TribuneApril 2014 (with Joshua Blank)

– An Anxious August for Immigration Reform, The Monkey CageJuly 2013 (with Shana Gadarian)

– Tracking the Race Factor, Pew Research Center, 2008 (with Anthony Greenwald)

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