Cover Feature of Small: Short Channel Field-Effect-Transistors with Inkjet-Printed Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes

smll201570248-gra-0001-mThe cover feature of Small‘s November issue showcases high performance inkjet-printed short channel carbon nanotube field-effect-transistors (CNTFET) developed by our very own Seonpil Jang under the direction of Prof. Dodabalapur and in collaboration with fellow group members and partners in Northwestern University. The following is the abstract of the featured paper:

ABSTRACT: Short channel field-effect-transistors with inkjet-printed semiconducting carbon nanotubes are fabricated using a novel strategy to minimize material consumption, confining the inkjet droplet into the active channel area. This fabrication approach is compatible with roll-to-roll processing and enables the formation of high-performance short channel device arrays based on inkjet printing.

Read the full text for free on ResearchGate.

The selection of Seonpil’s publication as Small’s cover feature also made headlines in UT ECE’s department news. If you are interested in learning more about this and other works, please contact Seonpil ( or Prof. Dodabalapur (