GAIN 2022

Poster Winners


We are honored to announce and applaud the outstanding work of our poster session winners, extending our heartfelt appreciation to all participants for contributing to the success of this remarkable event.

Burnt Orange Industry Awards

First Name Last Name Department Poster Title
Erik Cheng Material Science and Engineering Fundamental Understanding of Silicon Nitride PEALE from Atomistic Simulations
Ozdemir Can Kara Mechanical Engineering A Reliable and Sensitive Framework for Simultaneous Type and Stage Detection of Colorectal Cancer Polyps

Department Awards

First Name Last Name Department Poster Title
Yin-Jui Chang Biomedical Engineering Multi-scale Dynamical Modeling of Spike and Field Potential Activity Via Biologically Realistic Neural Network
Alexis Dimanche Biomedical Engineering Improving the Hardware of Intraoperative Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging of Cerebral Blood Flow
Hyeonji Oh Chemical Engineering Human-skin Inspired Structured Biomimetic Membranes Based on Beta-barrel Membrane Protein for Protective Fabrics
Laxmicharan Samineni Chemical Engineering Energy-efficient Nanoparticle Removal in Functionalized Natural Fiber Filters
Xiaoyi Chen Civil Engineering Investigation of the Effects of Concrete Slab-base Interaction on the Behavior of Seamless Bridge-CRCP Systems
Jingwen He Civil Engineering Development of Seismic Fragility Curves for Earth Dams in Texas
Animesh Rastogi Civil Engineering Modeling Energetic Surfaces with Curvature-Resistance in Soft Solids and Nanostructures
Mitchell Thompson Civil Engineering Perceived and Objective Air Quality in Residential Indoor Spaces: The Role of Olfaction
Mahshid Alamdar Electrical and Computer Engineering Magnetic Tunnel Junction Devices and Circuits for In-Memory and Radiation-Hard Computing
Connor Fritz Electrical and Computer Engineering Improving Poverty Prediction with Network Science
Satyam Kumar Electrical and Computer Engineering TransMI: Transfer Learning Framework for Longitudinal Motor Imagery Training
Aminur Rashid Chowdhury Materials Science and Engineering Gold Plasmonic Island Photocatalyst Development for Photocatalytic Degradation of Volatile Organic Compounds
Yixian Wang Materials Science and Engineering Anode-Free Sodium Metal Batteries
Awan Bhati Mechanical Engineering Modeling Mass Transfer in Spray-based Systems for CO2 Capture
Manojkumar Lokanathan Mechanical Engineering Influence of Surfactant on Electrowetting-induced Eurface Electrocoalescence of Water Droplets in Hydrocarbon Media
Gabriella Small Mechanical Engineering The Effect of Dual-tasks on Cognitive Performance and Balance Control During Walking with Altered Step Widths
Esmail Eltahan Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering A Study on Well Placement in Uinta Basin Considering Geological Uncertainty
Anuradha Radhakrishnan Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Analysis and Recommendations for Current Capabilities in Measuring Upstream Flare Volumes in the Permian Basin
Moises Velasco Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Modeling of Transport of Solutes in Two-Phase Porous Media: Solutions for Advective- and Capillary-Dominated Systems
Dongyoung Yoon Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering A Data-driven Approach of Condition-based Maintenance (CBM) of Mud Pumps


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