GAIN 2024

Poster Winners


Congratulations to all poster award winners for their outstanding achievements, and heartfelt thanks to everyone for their valuable contributions and enthusiastic participation in making this event a success!

Burnt Orange Industry Awards

Nneka Ede
Developing and Evaluating the Performance of a Custom Generative Pre-Trained Transformer for Pediatric Neurocutaneous Syndromes
Biomedical Engineering
Drue Hood-McFadden
Mass Separation by Inductively Coupled Electromagnetic Centrifuge in Collisional Regime
Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
Mustafa Munir
MobileViG: Graph-Based Sparse Attention for Mobile Vision Applications
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sivasakthya Mohan
Study of Normal and Shear Interactions between Graphene and Sapphire
Mechanical Engineering

Gold Industry Awards

Ziam Ghaznavi
Roll-to-Roll Nano-manufacturing Processes and Real-time Colorimetric-imaging Based Metrology for Large-Area Nanostructure Areas
Mechanical Engineering
Antoine Chamoun-Farah
Amine Functionalized Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes (SILMs) for CO2/N2 Separation
Chemical Engineering
Chenhao Yao
Highly selective molecular-sieving polyamide TFC membranes by interfacial polymerization
Chemical Engineering
Austin Paul-Orecchio
Alloying Indium Additive Enables Fast-Charging Lithium Metal Batteries
Chemical Engineering
Benjamin Siu
Metal-Azolate Frameworks from an Organoarsine Ligand with Terminal Pyrazoles: Syntheses, Structures, and Characterization
Texas Materials Institute
Sheila Gerardo
Phenomena Controlling Rare Earths Recovery from Coal Fly Ash
Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering
Hugo Miniere
Towards a data assimilation framework for predicting the spatiotemporal response of high-grade gliomas to chemoradiation
Biomedical Engineering
Can Cui
Spintronic Devices with Intrinsic Neuromorphic Functions
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Department Awards

Kofi Ofosu
Microscopic Dynamics of Thermoreversible LinkerÔÇÉmediated Nanocrystal Gel Assemblies
Chemical Engineering
Priyanka Paithankar
SAV Fleet Operations with Multiple Service Types: Comparative Analysis of SAV Size, Service Types, and Ride Preferences
Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering
Isidoros Tziotis
Straggler-Resilient Personalized Federated Learning
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Iman Salafian
Extraction of Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate and Work of Breathing Data from an Indwelling Nasogastric Tube
Mechanical Engineering

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