GAIN 2023

Poster Winners


Celebrate excellence with us as we unveil the standout achievements from this year’s poster session. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all participants for their valuable contribution, making GAIN 2023 a showcase of creativity, innovation, and shared passion.

Burnt Orange Industry Awards

Alexis Dimanche
Intraoperative Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging (LSCI): results from a 20 patient neurosurgery clinical trial
Biomedical Engineering
Sung Jin Yang
Non-volatile Electronic Switches for 6G Communications and Connectivity
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Iman Salafian
Development and Testing of a Multifunction Gastric Feeding Tube Capable of Vital Sign Monitoring
Mechanical Engineering
Tyler McGee
Ultrasonic Inspection of Lithium-ion Batteries to Detect Thermal Abuse
Mechanical Engineering

Gold Industry Awards

Matt Davenport
Ethylene and Ethane Transport Properties of Hydrogen-stable Ag+-based Facilitated Transport Membranes
Chemical Engineering
Ashray Saxena
Evaluation of Geosynthetic-reinforced Asphalt Milling Characteristics and Suitability as Pavement Base Course
Civil Engineering
Taejin Jang
A Multiscale Modeling Framework for Designing Next-Generation Lithium Metal Batteries
Materials Science and Engineering

Department Awards

Allison Green
Deplision-Driven Assembly of Polymer-Coated Nanocrystals
Chemical Engineering
Marshall Allen
Multimorphic Patterning of Interpenetrating Polymer Networks
Chemical Engineering
Sean Engels
Coupled Transcriptomic and Morphological Analyses Predict Biological Effects of Environmental Toxins
Chemical Engineering
Hussein Alawieh
Transcutaneous Electrical Spinal Stimulation Fosters Motor Imagery Skill Acquisition
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Md Mostafijur Rahman
Medical Image Segmentation Fracture Toughness of Soft Tissues
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Zulfidin Khodzhaev
Skyrmion Stochastic Dynamics of Novel Computing Architectures
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Awan Bhati
Techno-economic Analysis of Hydrates-based CO2 Sequestration
Mechanical Engineering
Siva Mohan
Poster Title
Mechanical Engineering
Stephanie Molitor
Characterization of Changes in Lower Limb Joint Quasi-Stiffness During Walking at Various Step Widths
Mechanical Engineering

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