Congratulations, Junior and Yongsik!

With the end of the semester, we have some exciting news and a few farewells!

Many many congratulations to my very first Masters student, Junior Lagade, Jr., who submitted a lovely thesis and made my first year and a half as an assistant professor a true joy.  Junior will be staying in Austin to work as an environmental engineer, and I am hoping to finally attend one of his hip-hop dance classes.

Huge congratulations also to Yongsik Kim  for a fantastic Ph.D. defense and graduation!  Yongsik did a dam-good project (ha..) on pressure flushing and I hope we can still rendezvous on future travels.  Yongsik is working in South Korea and in charge of many dam projects throughout the country.  We sadly didn’t get a graduation day photo.

It has been a productive and fun semester in the lab, playing with liquid nitrogen, getting sugar pretty much everywhere, using intense black lights, watching tadpoles come out of the flume pumps, all sorts of joys that I’ll eventually update on the Research page.  We are making progress having more and more tanks in the lab and trying to plug the million leaks that go along with them.  Stay tuned to #flumefriday posts on Twitter for the good stuff.

Thanks for an excellent semester to my 2018 and 2019 JETlabbers!  (Yongsik we will photoshop you in from Korea one day!)

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