Celebrations for Fall 2021

We are thrilled to wrap up 2021 with several celebrations across the group for a successful semester, despite the ongoing pandemic, continued lab renovations, and the odd things that keep experimental fluid mechanics researchers awake at night.  Some of our highlights include:

In October, Ph.D. candidates Aubrey and Arefe traveled to the Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC, where Aubrey won an award for her excellent poster on turbulence and ice melting, and Arefe gave a fantastic oral presentation of her stratified mixing research. Well done, friends!

Arefe and I then traveled to Phoenix, AZ, for the American Physical Society – Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting in November. This was my first in-person conference in 21 months, and I could not have been more excited. Arefe did a fantastic job presenting her poster and meeting some of the folks we’ve only read about. It was an incredible joy to share science together and to have so many meals and outings with our colleagues and friends we’ve missed so dearly.

One of my favorite things that has blossomed during the pandemic (but hopefully will stick around for years to come!) is a weekly writing group between women fluid mechanics professors at various institutions. We finally met in-person together for the first time at APS, and I can honestly say I have not smiled that big in years. We’ve been through many paper/proposal submissions, acceptances, and rejections together, and it is comforting to have the support of such brilliant and kind people on a regular basis.

With that, let’s wrap up 2021 and continue on next year. Loads of gratitude for my students and colleagues who make this job such a joy!

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