HILT Training Scholarships

The LLILAS Benson HILT Training Scholarship covers expenses of up to $1,000 for a Benson student worker or LAS student (upper-division undergraduate & graduate) to attend Humanities Intensive Learning & Teaching (HILT) training.

2020 Recipients

Head shot of Marcus Golding

Marcus Golding is a PhD candidate in Latin American history at the History Department interested in the networks of social relationships built by U.S. oil firms with Venezuelans and the cultural influence of foreign petroleum capital in the country during the Cold War. Marcus will be taking the Text Encoding HILT course.

Head shot of Ricardo VelascoRicardo A. Velasco T. is a PhD candidate in Latin American Studies and Fellow of the Andrew Mellon Engaged Scholar Initiative. His work combines critical inquiry with creative documentary practice focusing on the intersection of historical memory, human rights, cultural production and transitional justice. His Dissertation “Cultural Ecologies of Symbolic Reparation in Transitional Colombia” explores the potential of cultural practices of memory for civic engagement, promoting historical justice, revitalizing community ties and building sustainable reconciliation. Ricardo will be taking the Teaching DH: Assignment, Syllabi, Curricula HILT course.

2019 Recipient

Head shot of Lexi Perez

Alexandrea “Lexi” Perez Allison is a PhD candidate in the Department of English as well as a graduate portfolio student in the Department of Mexican American & Latina/o Studies. Her work focuses on contemporary U.S. Latina literature and its relationship with materiality, objects, and ephemera. She plans to take the “Digital Humanities + Latinx Studies: Doing Work that Matters” HILT course to learn how to incorporate digital pedagogy into her planned Fall 2019 Mexican-American & Latino Studies course “La Chicana.”

LLILAS Benson Digital Scholarship