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Latest news about N5XU

Donated Equipment

We had some kind donations from Rick (AI5A) and Matthew (KN4LRA) who kindly donated a Kenwood TK-941 900 MHz band radio and a Baofeng UV5R loaded up with accessories. Many thanks to these folks for their donations!

If you are reading this and would like to donate items to UTARC, please join our mailing list and feel free to reach out to our officers.

Getting N5XU Back Up and Running – A Commitment

Hello everyone, this is just a short post made in addition to Bob Ascott’s post of a similar nature.

I just wanted to say that the year following Sameer’s departure has been rough for N5XU as the people in charge of running the club started to get busy in the midst of taking over control of this organization. It’s going to take a while, but I feel as if everyone regularly involved with the club is excited to get things back up and running, recruit new members, and to create a solid foundation so that future generations of longhorns can continue the UT Amateur Radio Club’s legacy.

I will personally try to update this website more often for the documentation of club activities and technical pursuits.
-73s DE KG5UBB (Club VP)

Officers for 2023-2024

The new officers for the 2023-2024 school year are as follows:

  • President: Young – KI5TIA
  • Vice-President: David – KG5UBB
  • Treasurer: Juan – No Callsign

Thank you very much to Sameer Bibikar for his help throughout this change in leadership and to our wonderful elmers for the help with club history, maintenance, and general advice. 73s to all.

N5XU UTARC is alive an well – despite few posts in 2022-23

The University of Texas Amateur Radio Club is alive and well despite few posts during the past year.

Our primary communication vehicles have been Slack, Discord, and the UT news group server. This site has fallen into disrepair and will hopefully get fixed up as an outward facing communications vehicle to the broader community.

Young Ho remains the president for 2023.

The shack is temporarily off the air due to construction in the area of the tower on the ‘shack building’ More information on this critical topic will be available in the upcoming weeks and months

(Bob Ascott, WB2FHR, Club Trustee)