Local Nets

On this page, we provide a listing of some local nets in the Austin area that may be of interest to hams in and around the university, and in particular for new operators. Nets are organized, scheduled on-the-air gatherings of hams.
  • The UTARC weekly net. We’d like to invite all interested licensed radio amateurs to a new casual weekly net organized by the UT Amateur Radio Club. The net will take place on Wednesdays at 8 PM central time, on the University-Link repeater system, starting on Wednesday, June 2, 2021. This will be a casual roundtable-type net, so I expect that discussions will be mostly about school, radio, summer activities, plans for next semester, etc.
    • If you are in or around campus, the repeater to use is 441.325+ (tone 97.4). If you’re in North Austin, try one of the other repeaters. Note that the 444.85 repeater is currently offline.
    • If you can’t hit any of the repeaters, try the EchoLink node KA5D-R. If you need help getting set up with a HT or with EchoLink, or need an HT, feel free to reach out!
    • If you don’t have your license yet, we can fix that 🙂 and until then, we can arrange something.
    • Thanks to Kyle KA5D and the other operators of the KA5D system for making this system available to us, and to Gil KI5BPK and the WCARC New Hams Net for help and resources regarding nets!
  • The Austin AARC Elmer Net, on Saturdays at 7pm local time, 146.940- (107.2).
  • The Williamson County ARC New Hams Net, on Mondays at 8pm local time, 146.640- (162.2).
  • The Oak Hill ARC Thursday night net, on Thursdays at 8pm local time, 147.320+ (114.8) and linked systems (N5OAK and KA5D).

There are lots of other local nets – a more comprehensive listing of nets is available at the following web pages: