The N5XU radio shack

The N5XU radio shack is located on the 10th floor of the mechanical engineering building.

NOTE: As of the start of 2024 N5XU shack is back in operation with the completion of the one year roof maintenance project.

Triband antenna, rotor, and Kenwood HF rig fully operational. VHF antennas connected, but need analysis to find which antenna is on which coax. (2/2024)

We currently have two all bands HF transceivers and several VHF-UHF transceivers. A tower on the roof hosts VHF and UHF yagis, an HF tribander yagi for 10-15-20 and a 40-80 fan dipole. Certified members can access the room and operate the equipment.

2 thoughts on “The N5XU radio shack

  1. N5U de K4IZZ, thanks for the contact on 26, Nov, 2021. 19:00 UTC. on 14.255 MHz I hope your special event this weekend goes well. 73. Dave, K4IZZ

  2. Heads up! The ETC roof replacement project has started. The scheduled duration is 300 days. The project includes the parapet sides.

    Your long wire antenna’s will need to be removed from the parapets. (as before, they can be anchored to the tower base) And the cables on the tenth floor roof will need to be anchored to the tower.

    There will be scaffolding on the roof to disassemble the exhaust stacks. If you want to reattach the beam element, I’ll inquire if there would be any cost.

    Schedules are being developed. I will forward them as soon as I have them. Think is terms of a few weeks, at most.

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